July Update – Launching the School of Discipleship and Publishing a New Book, WOW!

Greetings from Kenya.  We are so excited to share our July update with you in a new format.  This month we have three shorter videos for you to enjoy; the first is an update on our family and the ministry, the second is a video about prayers and partners, and lastly we have an amazing testimony from one of the pastors we work with up country.  I know you will enjoy all of these videos and please let us know what you think about our new format.

GuideBook coverClick here to see a sample of the new book Clinton wrote for Kenyan pastors titled: The Guidebook to Transformational Cells – How to Equip and Release the Body of Christ Through Launching Small Discipleship Groups. disciple makers coverClick here to view a sample of the Disciple Makers workbook Clinton created. This gives a glimpse into the six month experience students will have as they experience not only how to become a Disciple but how to be a “Disciple Maker”


  • Pray that we would be able to raise $500 / month in ministry support and $400 / month in personal support or we may have to come back to the U.S. about 5 months early.  Please click here to watch a video to find out more.
  • Pray for Colin & Fey who started the CellKenya ministry in Kenya over 9 years ago.  Colin has had medical complications that have kept him from Kenya since October of last year.  We are praying for breakthrough and healing.


  • One of our partners recently passed away from cancer. Please join us in keeping her family in your prayers.
  • Two of our partners have recently come into hard financial times and may lose their farm. Please join us in covering them in prayer.


If you would like to financially support our family & ministry either monthly or with a one-time gift please click here.


Hello, 35!

35%One blessing so far this year is that we’ve reached 35% and the momentum is building! The Lord has also been opening up some interesting doors for us to continue sharing our story and building our team.

This coming weekend we will give the message at the Saturday night and Sunday morning services at my (P’s) home church, NorthRock Foursquare Church in Thornton! Pastor Jeremy has been doing a series on what it means to be “All In” in your faith and has asked us to share our testimony of this past year to close out the series. We are honored and excited! We know God has something wonderful planned for this weekend and we can’t wait to be a part of it! If you’d like to come and hear us, the service times are Saturday, 6pm, and Sunday, 9am and 11:oo am. Click here for more information.

Treading Softly

As we’ve been having these meetings, I’ve been consistently reminded of a passage in the devotional, Jesus Calling. It says, “Learn to listen to Me even while you are listening to other people. As they open their souls to your scrutiny, you are on holy ground.” This has spoken to me over the past few months. The idea that people’s souls are holy ground is so stirringly beautiful and is a poignant reminder to always tread softly when welcomed in. It is an absolute privilege to not only get to share our hearts and calling with others but to be privy to theirs. In these times we’ve experienced the sweetness of the Holy Spirit as He unites us and calls us each to something beyond ourselves.

The Moores’ One-Time Needs

Below is a breakdown of what the target costs are for us to finish preparations for the field, travel costs getting there and then settling costs, so that we can get established to begin ministry. Currently we are at 16% of this goal. 

Preparation ImagePreparing   $12,300

This includes: trainings, vaccinations, passports, visas, language study (MTI), language school (Kenya), training courses, passport for Enjolie.

Moving ImageMoving   $15,784

This includes: passage/transport to Kenya, 1st month’s support.

Settling ImageSettling   $37,000

This includes: what we will need to set up a home in Kenya, such as: furniture, appliances, ministry vehicle, ministry computer & tech equipment, etc.


If you would like to contribute to our one-time needs, please click here


The Moores’ Monthly Support Needs

Here’s a description of what our monthly support needs include and how they breakdown percentage-wise…

SALARY  Covers living expenses. This includes education costs for the girls, food, clothing (as needed), household items, utilities, cell phone, deductibles, gifts, vacation, and most importantly-giving.

INSURANCE  This covers our family’s medical insurance. It also includes emergency evacuation insurance for natural disasters, political unrest and getting somewhere with better medical care.

TRAVEL  Each month we save some money so that it will accumulate and be used for travel between the US and Africa for home assignment.

TAXES   Selling everything we own and moving to another country, check. Spending our lives following the Lord and investing in His kingdom, check. Still having the wonderful “opportunity” to pay taxes, priceless.

HOUSING  This will cover the rent for our apartment whether overseas or on home assignment in the US.

SUPPORT SERVICES  We pay a portion of our support to the SIM mission offices in the US and on the field to support their operation which serves to support our ministries in Kenya.

MINISTRY  These are funds used for ministry related expenses, such as printed materials for Cell Trainings, prayer letter expenses, equipment supply and maintenance, etc.

RETIREMENT  SIM is helping us to plan for the future by putting a portion of our support into a retirement account.

We are currently at 16% of this goal. If you would like to contribute to this, please click here.

Moore Family Budget Pie Chart
Moore Family Budget Percentages