July Update – Launching the School of Discipleship and Publishing a New Book, WOW!

Greetings from Kenya.  We are so excited to share our July update with you in a new format.  This month we have three shorter videos for you to enjoy; the first is an update on our family and the ministry, the second is a video about prayers and partners, and lastly we have an amazing testimony from one of the pastors we work with up country.  I know you will enjoy all of these videos and please let us know what you think about our new format.

GuideBook coverClick here to see a sample of the new book Clinton wrote for Kenyan pastors titled: The Guidebook to Transformational Cells – How to Equip and Release the Body of Christ Through Launching Small Discipleship Groups. disciple makers coverClick here to view a sample of the Disciple Makers workbook Clinton created. This gives a glimpse into the six month experience students will have as they experience not only how to become a Disciple but how to be a “Disciple Maker”


  • Pray that we would be able to raise $500 / month in ministry support and $400 / month in personal support or we may have to come back to the U.S. about 5 months early.  Please click here to watch a video to find out more.
  • Pray for Colin & Fey who started the CellKenya ministry in Kenya over 9 years ago.  Colin has had medical complications that have kept him from Kenya since October of last year.  We are praying for breakthrough and healing.


  • One of our partners recently passed away from cancer. Please join us in keeping her family in your prayers.
  • Two of our partners have recently come into hard financial times and may lose their farm. Please join us in covering them in prayer.


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May Update: Pahtyana is in the US, what a surprise!!!

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.27.21 AMClick Here: to watch a quick update video!!!

– Pahtyana safe travels back to Kenya on June 8th
– Family will make it without mommy for the next couple of weeks.
– Girls will adjust well to their summer routine.
– Pray for trainings, that God would continue to fan the flame of ministry.
– Pray God would continue to lead the designing and implementation of the 6 month “Disciple Makers” coarse we will prototype in August.

-The video is full of incredible testimonies!
– Colin has had his medical procedure and we are waiting to hear the results so he can join us in Kenya soon.
– David’s mum has had surgery and she is recovering well.  She is still in pain, please keep her in your prayers.
– Praise God several dear partners gave financially to help us replace our engine in our car!  Thank you very much.

– If you have a heart for this ministry and want to l
earn more about partnering and alking alongside us in ministry, please click here to learn more.
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Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.25.04 AM
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Three Months and Counting- An Update on Kenyan Life

Somewhere in the descending fog of cultural adaptation, language learning, 4-inch slugs, flying termites and SO much more, we’ve whizzed passed a milestone of 3 months being in country! Wait, how did that happen!? I know, I know, one day at a time, right? Well, after 3 months, we finally feel settled in our new home and are now accustomed to our daily schedule of preparation for full-time ministry. Thank you for your prayers! It’s been a relief to find stability and consistency each week in the things we’re doing.

ImageWe are continuing to adjust daily to the Kenyan way of life, which is at a more relaxed and calmer pace than the typical American one. For those of us who are goal-oriented, this has proven to be a bit of a challenge, but a welcome one. We’ve also seen why things need to be more “flexible” schedule-wise here as issues consistently come up with family affairs, transportation, police affairs, public demonstrations and so on that all greatly affect schedules. This has given us multiple opportunities over the past 3 months to love and serve those in our lives affected by these variables and provide a safe, secure and godly place for them to come to when needed. These opportunities have been especially significant to me (P) because of something the Lord began speaking to my heart over a year ago about His purpose for our family in ministry. One of the things that He impressed on me was that of a lighthouse- being a source of stability and guidance, a safe haven to those in the midst of the storm. It has been tremendously encouraging and affirming to see how already our family has been established here at such a time as this to serve that very purpose.

As far as our girls, they are adjusting quite well. Even in the times when they’ve expressed sadness at missing loved ones back in the States or not feeling comfortable here yet, they’ve felt secure enough to tell us. These times have given us rich opportunities to further develop their reliance on us and on God. We have made a point to regularly Skype with family and friends and that has also helped with the homesickness. We as their parents have been continually astounded at the way God has faithfully provided a loving and supportive community for them (and us) here- both on the compound and with the Kenyans He’s brought into our lives. Both girls are making friends quickly, (MK’s and Kenyans alike) with ease and grace. We have also been encouraged to see how they have grown in their relationship with each other and have truly become the best of friends (with of course, plenty of opportunities to forgive each other and turn the other cheek.)

We happily celebrated Little E’s 3rd birthday here on the compound this past weekend and invited our Kenyan friends to join us. It was Imagewonderful to see the fullness of the community God has given, jointly celebrating our youngest daughter! She has been beaming for days and keeps saying how much fun she had at her party. Check out our Facebook page to see the photo album.

Big E recently shadowed her new school for a day and absolutely loved it! She will begin in August but had the opportunity to get to know her teacher more and see what it will be like to be a big Kindergartener! When we picked her up, her teacher said she was sassy (in a good way) and had NO problem interacting with the other students and making friends. She is now counting down the days to when she’ll get to go to school for “real”.

ImageAs for Clinton and I, we have definitely faced one of the biggest challenges of our life establishing our family here. But we have seen day in and day out our God shine brighter before us and within us than ever before. We have felt His presence in our hearts and lives in a new and fresh way, and have a much deeper sense of what it means to follow the Shepherd into the unknown of His perfect will. I recently posted a blog about my personal experience here over the past 3 months, click here if you’d like to read it. We have gotten settled in our home church at K3C and have started attending a T-Group (Tandaza group) on Wednesday nights, which we love! The Lord is also opening doors for us to get more involved at K3C and begin serving.

Clinton and I are excited to pass this 3 month milestone! This signifies the half way point through our first (mini) season in Kenya. Our next big milestone will be the 6 month mark in August when Big E will begin Kindergarten and we will officially begin our ministry. As this time of preparation begins to wane and this big transition draws near, we are pressing in deeper to the heart of our Savior, listening closely to His voice as He continues to prepare our family for what is next on the horizon.

Upcoming Plans: We as a family are planning on heading out to Western Kenya with Colin and Fey soon for a week to shadow a CellKenya training and to do a “trial run”, as it were. We are keenly excited for this adventure and opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible ministry we are now a part of! Please keep us in your continual prayers throughout the coming weeks and stay tuned for updates!




Happy Halloween, 2013!

The MooreFour We recently took a break from our regularly scheduled crazy life of field prep, to stop and enter the world of make-believe with our girls for Halloween. We pulled together their costumes of choice and with a little magic, glue and curling irons transformed them into one Princess Sofia and one Minnie Mouse!

We set forth into the fading daylight, Halloween baskets in hand, to embark on a night of memory-making! It was a typical Colorado Halloween night with the chilly temperatures and the bitter wind picking up just in time for Trick-or-Treating. Our girls were giddy with excitement at the thought of joining their friends for hot cider and pigs in a blanket before they ventured out.

We arrived just in time to admire costumes, snack a bit, gather our mugs of cider, and then head on out!  From house to house the kids ran, gathering sweet morsels along the way. As the evening wore on, the parents asked us more than once how much candy our oldest had had already. We Looking over the lootreplied, “None, if you can believe it! She just loves people.” It was true, our oldest was beside herself to be all dressed up as a princess with her friends and little sister and running around the neighborhood collecting candy from benevolent neighbors! What other felicity is there, really?? ;o)

The night wrapped up with the girls dumping out their “loot” on the play table and getting to sample a few pieces before their bedtime story, squealing with delight each time. It had been a Halloween night to remember- the sweetest one yet and the best way to wrap up our Halloweens in Colorado.

Click here, to see our album!

Just Another Day for God, Life Changing for Us

So, my mother-in-law came over tonight and through conversation about the day we ended up praying for for pain and swelling in her legs and shoulder. The pain went from a ten to a three in a matter of a few minutes. God loves her so much and it was beautiful to be apart of him pouring that love into her in the form of healing. We pray the healing continues.