FLOODS, FIRES and FEET – August 2014 Update

– Adjusting to ministry and family schedules and trying to be intentional to set good boundaries to keep our family and selves healthy.
– Adjusting team dynamics as we join our ministry team.
– Clinton injured his shoulder moving sand bags, hoping it is minor and will heal itself, but going to have a doctor look at it this week.

– Elly loves her new school and Jolie is adjusting very well.
– We got a new office for the ministry and are settling into the space very well.

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July 2014- Gearing up for Ministry!

– Ellyana starts school on August 14th, pray her transition will be smooth
– We officially start ministry in August, please cover us in prayer during this season
– One of our partners has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and we are asking all our partners and friends to join us in praying that the Lord has an amazing testimony and brings peace to this family in this season.

– We are no longer negative in our monthly budget! Our friends at two churches and some wonderful partners have felt led from the Lord to increase their giving to make up the $600 a month shortfall. Also, some individuals were moved to give a bit extra this past month and made up all the shortfall we had since moving to Kenya. Thank you for praying and thank you for being a part of a testimony! Please join us in telling God, “Thank you!”

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CLICK HERE: To play with a fun interactive Google Map with pictures and see where we traveled and where ministry took place in July.

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Karibu Malaria

Well, it was a very bizarre and long weekend as our family resurfaces this week. In short, Clinton had been feeling unusually sore and tired last week and late Friday night it escalated to major chills and a fever which then suddenly spiked to 103.3. Being that Clinton hasn’t had a fever since infancy I instantly was on the alert. With our SIM doctor on home assignment I wasn’t sure of who to call. But after several calls and texts to neighbors I was able to connect with a couple of our doctors. One of which happened to be staying on the compound but was headed out of the country within the next few hours. So, I gingerly helped Clinton downstairs and she took a look at him.

Fever, chills, intense pain, having gone to Western Kenyan recently = Malaria (most likely). Hearing these words filled me with dread and a level of anxiety I had yet to experience since moving here. Malaria. How can this be, we took anti-Malaria pills? What does that mean? What do we do? Where do we go? All these questions and more were racing through my mind in an instant. But as it turned out that we caught it early and it was recommended that we go to the ER in the morning.

After a few hours at the ER the only thing that was clear from the blood work was that he had a bad viral infection and we were told that Malaria doesn’t always show up right away. So, he was given medicine for that and for Malaria as a precaution and we were sent home. The rest of the weekend was a time to settle in and get comfortable as Clinton needed lots and lots of rest. On Sunday, the other symptoms that hadn’t shown up finally did and it seemed even more certain that he had it.

Now that it’s been several days and the medicines have been working well, Clinton is up and about again, his usual cheerful, ornery self. Thank you, Lord. Looking back, I am filled with gratitude at the community that we’re a part of. There were a few key individuals who stayed right there with us from the get-go and were willing to step in and take us to the ER if needed and care for our girls while we were gone. Others who called around getting us the information we needed and many people who have consistently prayed and checked in with us on his condition. I am also very grateful for the provisions that were in place that made it possible for us to see a doctor and get the medicine that was needed.

So, here we are. Another day, another adventure for the MooreFour!




The Final 15!!

At the beginning of November we sent out an update on our family’s journey to get to Kenya. At the time we were at 63% and needed approximately 28 more partners to reach our goal of 100%, which then allows us to move forward and make travels plans. The responses to that email over the past few weeks have been downright amazing!!

We’ve been on this journey to join the team there equipping pastors and ministry leaders in discipleship for two years.  So, we are very excited to share that our current update as of today is  that we’ve reached 8383% of our monthly goal!! This means that we now only need (roughly) 15 partners by December 10th to begin making travel plans for January!!

We lastly wanted to share the INCREDIBLE news that we have 392 people who have joined our team to walk with us specifically providing prayer support! This is huge as we can do nothing without prayer! Thank you to all who are partnering in holding us up!

Please join us in praising Jesus for His faithfulness on this journey to see us through and bring such a powerful team together! Please also join us in asking Him to bring the final 15  soon!

  • For a snapshot of what exactly it is that we’re moving to Kenya to do and why we’re needed, click here.
  • Click here to become one of the final 15 and send us on our way!

Thank you for sharing in our joy and excitement at what has been happening and what is still yet to come!

Never Late for a Divine Appointment- Part III

Connecting Around the WorldLooking back over the past couple of years of the journey towards Kenya that we’ve been on, it’s amazing to see God’s hand in it all, evidenced greatly in the timing of the divine appointments we’ve had. In our quest to share the testimony of all God is accomplishing in Kenya and the role He has called our family to play, we’ve had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of people. For each of those appointments, we’ve seen the Lord accomplish various purposes. Some of which were evident immediately, some of which were not. As we’ve leaned further and further into the Lord as the season has worn on, we’ve become less and less concerned with the immediate evidence of purpose for each meeting and learned to rely more and more on trusting the Lord in His unfolding plans. Hard at first to do, but over time easier to live out.

One of the greatest examples of this has been in the divine appointments we’ve found ourselves a part of over the past couple of months. The Lord has shown His faithfulness to us in a series of meetings beginning in May connecting us to a network of house churches throughout Colorado. Interestingly enough, it’s a network we’ve felt called to connect with for over a year and have tried to twice before, with no further open doors. In frustration and disappointment, we thought the Lord was directing us elsewhere. But then in May, the door opened again and we walked through it out of sheer obedience with no hope of anything coming from it. However, the Lord had been at work all along in the background preparing the way. As one meeting led to introductions that led to other meetings and introductions, we found ourselves meeting a gentleman named,  John White and praying about an invitation to attend an international conference for an organization called Luke 10 that was set to take place in 4 days time. We had babysitters, cleared schedules and cost to address and within 2 days all had seamlessly been taken care of! We knew God was up to something big.

So we ventured up the mountain brimming with excitement and curiosity at what our big God was doing, all the while having learned from times past to leaveLK10 International Fall 2013 Conference defined expectations at the door to make room for the unexpected. What we found was a weekend full of divine appointment after divine appointment. We unearthed a hidden gem in this wonderful organization and discovered God had been speaking and moving here in much the same way He has been speaking and moving in Kenya! As we leaned into this further, we also discovered not only a family here, but a deeper call for us in ministry. A call to a unique partnership!

This partnership began to unfold as the weekend continued on. We found first, common ground within the LK10 community and second, a united desire to see these life-changing principles take flight around the world. It is our belief at this time, that part of our call is to help bridge our ministry in Kenya with the LK10 ministry here in the States!

In addition to this discovery, we also became acquainted that weekend with an organization called House2House, which is a national network aimed to resource and connect churches of a simple/more organic focus. We met it’s director, Ken Eastburn and found ourselves immediately a part of a divine appointment! As we both shared a unique, God-given vision to see mission trips between house churches around the world, we felt the Lord moving us to partnership. Though at this point, we don’t know the details of what that looks like, we are moving forward one step at a time, as the Lord provides direction.

We are thrilled to be exploring what God intends with this connection and are excited to be featured in House2House’s monthly magazine and e-letter this month!! Click here to listen to our interview with Ken! Click here to read the e-letter! Our prayer is that the Lord would use this newly forged partnership to continue bringing to fruition the many unfolding purposes He has for our family and the ministry!

The Great Balancing Act

Here&Now There&Then BalanceLife over the past two years for our family has undoubtedly been the most (seemingly) unsettled and fly-by-the-seat-of-our-collective-pants to date. And for a planner who thrives on vision like me, it has proved to be the most challenging as well. Living a life of constant preparation and daily surrender amidst the constant immediacy and daily demands of life with 2 little ones has created a rather unusual juxtaposition. While I have struggled and struggled to find the perfect balance of fulfilling family life in this reality, I feel I have faltered again and again.

It has proved to be the greatest challenge to on one hand fully invest in the here and now of the reality we’re living while on the other hand, fully invest in the there and then of the Call we’re pursuing. How do we show up for today with all of it’s temporal demands and still find the time to meet the demands needed to move us forward? How do we answer the Call given for each day, and still find room to answer the Call of the future? Do you know? How do we still invest in the lives of those we have and do love here while still investing in the hope and dream of the lives we will love there? These are the questions I have battled to find the balance to for two years.

For reasons unknown to me, I seem to have been born with a mind and heart that can only be in one place at a time. Yet, in this transitional phase of preparing for the mission field, a phase that has been extended beyond our understanding, I have had to come to terms with the reality that to accept the Lord’s call to missional life, means to accept a particular reality. The Moore Family is one who will perpetually belong in various worlds here and there, loving and investing in the people who live within all of them. We will be a family who continually invest in the now and continually invest in the then to come. As I type this, I’m realizing that this is the essence of life with Christ. To be citizens of two worlds, living fully in the world we have always known, while also living fully in the world we’re destined for, ever preparing for its fruition.

As I have grappled with what this means in a daily context, what I have come to understand about this unique Call, is that really the Call always remains the same whether it be, the Call of today or the Call of tomorrow. So, what is the Call? It is always simply to do at the Father says. What He calls us to do each and every day are the steps needed to answer the Call of tomorrow. To answer the Call of the There&Then cannot be done without answering the Call of the Here&Now. It is the Here&Now that prepares and brings us eventually into the There&Then. Upon our arrival, we realize the There&Then never really existed at all. What exists is always the Here&Now. This is the space we control, where any movement or impact must take place. This is the space where He does His greatest work within us and out of that work impacts the world for His glory. It is in this space that we will always remain.

So the supposed and highly sought after balance of the Here&Now and There&Then, isn’t in the end balance that we’re looking for, but rather a change in perspective. It is no longer looking ahead but only looking up. And really, that’s the most logical place to look isn’t it, because after all that’s the direction we’re headed.

Life at 40(%)…

Cracked PotWell, we continue to be in awe of God as He moves powerfully in our lives! A few weeks ago we gave the message at NorthRock Church in Thornton and to be honest, had no idea what to expect going into it. The two weeks leading up to it were some of the hardest weeks Clinton and I had experienced in this process. In the midst of trying times with tantrums and toddler-ness, we had met with several people that God had brought into our lives and for whatever reason, received no after no after no to partnership. Though we know that’s a part of this process, it’s still hard to go through. Then the final straw came when we had a meeting with someone whose heart, I believe, was meaning to challenge us. However, it came across in a manner that tore us down and greatly discouraged us. For whatever reason we were the recipients of his utter disdain for American missionaries and were put in a position where we had to defend our calling rather than share our calling. Needless to say, we left the meeting feeling pretty dejected and weary.

So, preparing to give our testimony at my home church and come alongside what’s happening there, was something that we approached initially out of a place of weariness. But in the process of that preparation we were reminded of how much God has actually done in our lives and how far He has brought us. So when the time came, we spoke from a place of authenticity and humility. Out of that we have seen the Lord move in very surprising and inspiring ways. We have had the tremendous privilege of meeting with many people now from NorthRock and hearing their testimonies of God’s calling on their lives. We’ve gotten to pray with them and encourage them in their journeys!

In addition to this blessing, God has been moving in these meetings and as we’ve shared our testimony of His amazing presence in our lives, several 40%individuals have felt called to partner with us. As a result, we reached 40% this afternoon!! And the momentum is building! Reaching this milestone today caused me to stop and think for a moment about the path getting here. I know we still have a ways to go, but we both have learned so much that walking this path isn’t as painstaking anymore. I realized some of the profound lessons I’ve gathered and ways in which they have altered me.

This journey has been so challenging for me as it requires literally, that I operate out of some of my greatest weaknesses. Yet, as 2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “His strength is made perfect in our weakness”, and I have seen that come true time and time again in this process. I have seen so many of these areas in my life be brought to the forefront and made perfect in His strength. Truly a profound experience and realization. As we yield to His way and His path for us, He takes these areas of weakness and these areas of pain and wounding, and accomplishes more than we could ever dream of with them.

Life today looks so different than life did this time last year. I walk in a confidence not my own but one that I fully own. I now realize that the weaknesses embedded within me, are only the cracks where His strength flows out from. In operating in my various weaknesses, by His calling and help, not only has His strength been made perfect, but I have come further into who He has called me to be. Not a weak being, but one that surrenders every weakness to receive back a greater strength than I am naturally capable of embodying.

So, at this junction, not quite half way to our goal of 100%, and I see more transformation in myself than I ever dared hope for. I’m sure I can’t even imagine what’s in store for the remaining 60% of this journey to Kenya!




Prayer and Praise Update

Praise the Lord:

  1. We have reached 35% of our monthly budget goal
  2. Have had a wonderful opportunity to meet with people and share amazing times of ministry
  3. Family is all doing very well
  4. Opportunity to preach this weekend

Prayer Requests:

  1. Focusing on only what the Lord gives us to focus on today.  Don’t carry more burden or responsibility than what is actually ours to carry.
  2. More opportunities to meet with and share ministry with people of like hearts.
  3. Breakthrough in every task the Lord gives us.

Unknown Prayers

Red CarLife has a way of rounding out nicely on occasion. Today, it appears is one of those days for me. 11 years ago today, I bought a little red car unexpectedly from some acquaintances I knew. I had come down that weekend for a church retreat and had planned to head back up to college that Sunday night. On Friday, my mom very graciously offered to take my car into the shop for some maintenance. As I was getting settled in the cabin I got a call from her saying, “Well, Honey, do you want the good news first or the bad news?” As my heart sank I tentatively replied, “Uhh, the bad news I guess??” She said, “Ok, the bad news is your car is no more. As the mechanics were putting your car up on the lift, the entire wheel base broke off!! He said he had no idea how you hadn’t been killed in this car, because if you would have so much as hit a rock the wrong way you would have died.” I stood there stunned. She continued, “So, your car is done and is being towed away to the junk yard right now. However, there’s good news.” I quipped, “Oh, there’s good news in this?? I’m in college! I can barely pay rent right now let alone an unforeseen car payment!” She said calmly, “I know. But God is good to you. Here’s the good news. I went to my Bible Study this morning and told the ladies about your car and we all prayed together for a solution. Afterwards, a woman came forward and said that she and her husband had been trying to sell their little commuter car for months and have had zero takers. She believes God was saving it for you. She also said that you could come take a look at it right after church and if you like it drive it back to school that night!”

So, I came down the mountain, took it for a test drive, talked monthly payments with them and found they were more than generous since I was a student. That night I drove my new red Suzuki Sidekick back to school, amazed at my God’s care and attention towards me. In this instance, God had gone even further than Matthew 6:8. Not only did He answer my prayer request before I asked it, He answered it before I knew I had it. As only He can.

Over these 11 years, that little car has been incredible! It has gotten us through ever major snow storm Colorado has had. Even when pickup trucks and fancy SUV’s are on the side of the road with their high fangled road-side assistance, my little 4-wheel drive has zipped right past them in her best “‘Scuse, me boys, comin’ through!” She’s taken us camping, boating, hiking, you name it. She’s been our little trooper all this time. She’s been my husband’s go-to car when he can’t ride his motorcycle. Come to think of it, she’s been a part of our marriage longer than our children have.

But a few months ago she started wearing down and things left and right began to break. Then the end came. The clutch and brakes were done. We began praying as winter was around the corner and Clinton would need a vehicle to take on snowy days. It was at this time that some new friends and partners of ours told us they had recently bought a new vehicle and felt we were supposed to have their old Durango. We gladly accepted and the next day Clinton told me that he had always wanted to have a Durango. I could just feel the Lord winking at us.

So, today, December 7th, exactly 11 years after I bought her, I watched my little red car be towed away to the junk yard. I thought I’d feel some sadness when this day finally came, but in truth I feel hope. Hope for what this next season will bring. I feel anticipation. Anticipation for what wonderful things He will bring into our lives from this point forward. And lastly, I feel loved. My God always knows what I need and never ceases to answer my prayers, not only the unspoken ones, but even at times the unknown ones.

Our First Trip Home to Kenya

As we left the bright lights of the airport behind and drove into the darkness of Nairobi, we quickly realized that we had just arrived…home. Not traveling, not vacationing, not even visiting but, home. This home was deeper than we’d ever known and full of the all-encompassing grace of our God. We knew that He was waiting there to meet us and that we were made for this place and it for us.

The week started with a surge of palpable anticipation for the 3-day Cell Church Consultation that was at last just two days away. More and more details were falling into place by the minute and Colin and Fey were more focused and driven than ever (which is saying something). This was their baby and the culmination of everything they had been working towards for the past six years. To have so many pastors coming together from the furthest reaches of Kenya under one roof, with one unified purpose was in a word, astounding. And true to form Colin and Fey began this essential week with the most essential element- prayer. We joined the SIM office Monday morning in their daily routine of prayer and praise. To us, this bore witness to the integrity and nature of the organization of SIM probably more than anything else had up to this point. They really do live up to their motto, “by prayer” and we saw the effects of that in everything they did.

Afterward, Clinton and I visited the Cell Kenya office and finally got to meet in person the Holtums’ right hand man and our Kenyan colleague, David. He’s a pastor who has been with them for the past two years and is essentially their Kenyan liaison among many other roles. As final preparations began for the consultation, we saw the Cell Kenya team officially fuse. It was evident to all 5 of us in that room, that God had indeed, molded, prepared and brought each of us together to form this team! This team that is on the cusp of doing incredible things together by His power and design, is not without its flaws but is also full of His grace!

The chairs were set up, the welcome table ready, the media was ready to go, and then it was finally time. One by one they came, from Mombasa, Western, Rural, and Nairobi. Various regions of pastors had traveled many miles and in some cases days to be here. Each carrying the hearts of their people, with their own stories, their own struggles and challenges but each with the same purpose and passion-discipleship. So many denominations and yet as we got going, you really couldn’t tell the differences. What you could tell though, was that this was without a doubt the Body of Christ.

As we listened to their testimonies and praises, Clinton and I just looked at each other in amazement at all God has been doing in the lives of these people. People who are being transformed day by day, because of Cell. The simple and yet profound truth of Jesus, manifesting itself in the hearts of Kenyans through real daily relationships and unconditional love has been working a miraculous magic, as it were. Transformation of the deepest kind and these pastors know it. That is why they traveled the miles and the days, sometimes with no guarantee of provisions. Because they know better than probably anyone the value of what has been given to them and what is at stake. This is what Clinton and I found ourselves a part of and saw in the flesh that first day.

In the days that followed we bore witness to not only the testimonies of transformation but laced within that, the continuing need. With every miracle story is another one just within reach waiting to materialize. Because as one life is transformed, something is birthed within that heart that can reach out to the world around them and bring transformation to other hearts. This is the nature of the kingdom of God and the heart of Cell. This is the reason Clinton and I are so desperately needed there. This is the reason we are called to go. This is also the reason you partner with us.

We finished the week out by attending Colin and Fey’s cell group and developing future relationships. We are now even more excited to personally be a part of a cell group and experience our own transformations within it.

On our last day of the trip, we got the chance to see Nairobi in all its diversity. It’s a massive city and so we really only covered a fraction. But it did give us an opportunity to better conceptualize what our future there will look like and how to better equip our girls for their new home. Though we said tearful good-byes to Colin and Fey and felt an aching of heart driving to the airport, our calling no longer held the ambiguity we had grown accustomed to but had become crystallized. We now didn’t just know the call, we had internalized it.

As we boarded the plane we knew that we were leaving this home to return to home in the arms of our girls. What a strange place to find ourselves. But even at this bizarre juxtaposition, we could feel definitely that something monumental had shifted. We were no longer getting ready to become missionaries to Kenya. We ARE missionaries to Kenya. Our task now is to bring the truth as we keenly witnessed it to everyone that God brings into connection with us. The truth of the tremendous need of a nation that daily stands. The truth of the hearts of all who have been touched by this ministry- their faces, their voices, their stories, their testimonies of an incredible God working the miracle of transformation in their lives. The truth of the work yet to be done.

In the time we’ve been back, we have seen God moving in powerful ways! As a result, we have much to praise Him for. Also as a result, we have much to bring before Him. For our praises click here and click here, for our prayers.

We want to close with gratitude. We are so very thankful for your presence in our lives and amazed at what your prayers and partnership have accomplished thus far! It is an honor to join with you in the Call and to jointly bear witness to His great works!

May many, many blessings be upon you and yours!

In His service,


P.S. To see images of our time in Kenya, click here. To partner with us in the Cell ministry, click here