Breakthroughs and Break-ins, the up’s and down’s of missions…

November Update
Watch our latest Vlog about ministry breakthrough and a break-in at our house.
Chai & Books Update Video
Click here to read Pahtyana’s article published on the online magazine Cultivating

Praises & Prayers

      • Clinton’s birthday!! We celebrated Clinton’s birthday this past week and had a delightful time.
      • Ministry Breakthrough! Watch our Vlog above to see how God is bringing new and exciting ministry opportunities to both Pahtyana and Clinton.
Prayer Requests
    • Pahtyana: That the Lord would go before me as I prepare my session notes and choreograph my dance piece for the Love Awakens Conference, Dec. 5-7.
    • Clinton: For safe travels and continued breakthrough on his ministry trip to the Netherlands Nov. 27-30. Please join us in praying for safety for the family as Clinton is away.
    • Elly & Jolie: That the Lord would continue to shine His light through the girls’ lives as they interact with everyone around them.
    • That the Lord would continue to help our family adjust to the new reality of having a guard dog, and that he would continue settling in well.

Partnering with the MooreFour

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We’re Nearly There


Without God’s Church supporting us in prayer and financial partnership, we as missionaries could not do what we do in ministry. It has astonished us over the years to see bodies of believers partnering who, like our family, are committed to seeing Disciples made and released around the world. Disciples of Jesus Christ investing in the making and sending of more Disciples.

Join our team of incredible partners as we continue to equip, empower & release Disciple Makers throughout the country of Kenya and beyond.

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My mom joins a ministry trip and a quick jaunt down to South Africa…

Ministry Vlog:

Watch our March ministry vlog. In this vlog we share how our training team has grown from 2 to 11 in 2018 and Clinton’s trip to a Discipleship Conference in South Africa. Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Sorry we haven’t had an update on the family in a while, but we will get one out to you in April. You can see some family prayer points below.

Thank you for your prayers, your support, your encouragement and walking along-side us as we minister in Kenya. Thank you.

Praises & Prayers:


  • We are in the midst of the rainy season, and although I can hear them repairing the leaks on the roof of our house as I write this, we thank God that the water coming in didn’t damage anything and didn’t get too close to the electrical breakers.
  • The ministry has developed a team of trainers as it continues to expand and become more sustainable. We have grown from 2 to 11 trainers in 2018 so far.
  • Clinton attended a Discipleship Conference in South Africa in February where he meet some wonderful people and received some great direction for potential future ministry.

Prayer Requests

  • Pahtyana’s birthday is April 7th, please pray that we would celebrate her life and that she would enjoy her special day in the midst of a very busy season.
  • Clinton travels for a ministry training trip from March 21st – 26th. Please pray for the family and for safe travels across Kenya during the rainy season.
  • Please join us in praying that God would continue to lead and guide our ministry work in Kenya.

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My Discipleship Group built me a new house…

Ministry Vlog:

Watch our first ministry update of 2018, and hear the amazing testimony of how a small group of believers showed this man the love of Jesus and changed his life.

(* The last ministry dates shown in the video should have said days 4, 5, & 6.
The ministry trip was 6 days, sorry for the confusion.)

We are excited to share a full update on our family and ministry in the new year. We will be sending the next update in the next few weeks, but we didn’t want you to have to wait to see that God is active and changing peoples lives.

Thank you for your prayers, your support, your encouragement and walking along-side us as we minister in Kenya. Thank you.

Praises & Prayers:


  • We got to spend Christmas with our families, both sets of grandparents traveled to Kenya and have stayed with us for the past 6 weeks. We are VERY blessed.
  • The kids had a wonderful time on Christmas break and we got to spend time connecting as a family and making memories.
  • Political tensions have decreased and we are now able to resume normal ministry schedules and travels. Thank you Jesus.

Prayer Requests

  • Enjoy every moment we have with family visiting from the U.S.
  • Seeking God’s guidance and direction as we enter into a new year and new seasons of ministry.
  • Transition back to our normal routine and work through sadness after family leaves at the end of next week.

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Birthday, Hospital, and Trains, Ohhh My…

FAMILY Update:

Hear about Elly’s Birthday, Clinton’s hospital “adventure”, & Pahtyana’s conference in England. Plus we have a new guard “dog”, you have to watch the video to see:


A summary of ministry trips, including a train to Mombasa, amazing testimonies, and some big prayer requests:

Here are some exciting new testimonies:

Praises & Prayers:


  • Elly celebrated her 9th birthday.
  • Clinton returned home from the hospital and is steadily healing.
  • We have 1 new monthly financial partner and 2 one-time gifts of support! We are blessed.

Prayer Requests

  • Join us in praying for a peaceful re-run of the presidential election on October 26th.
  • Please pray for David and his family as he mourns the loss of his step mother.
  • Join us in praying for some additional monthly financial partners or partners who can increase their support until we return to the United States in May, 2018. We are planning to be in the US from May to August to connect, share testimonies and raise additional support for the next season of ministry in Kenya.

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We’ve Launched Something Very Exciting…

FAMILY Update:

Watch a short update about our family and see our kids walking with animals.


Hear the update about our trainings and the exciting launch of our new ministry website and online community.

To experience our new ministry website click:

Please leave a short encouragement or comment to let us know what you think.

Praises & Prayers:


  • Join us in thanking God for safe travels to all of our training regions in Kenya.

  • Join us in thanking God for a refreshing time at our annual SIM Spiritual Life Conference.

  • Join us in thanking God for providing us a strong team to be doing ministry with.

Prayer Requests

  • Join us in praying that God would continue to keep our family healthy and safe as we get through the rainy season.

  • Join us in praying for more open doors and Kenyans who are eager to join our training team.

  • Join us in praying for Clinton as he continues to work on a new book about the Values of Living as a Disciple.

  • Join us in praying for Pahtyana as she continues to work on developing some excited writing projects, to be unveiled soon! 
  • Join us in praying for our girls that they would finish the school year well (beginning of June) and adjust to the changes that summer vacation and traveling friends will bring. 

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Starting 2017 Very Strong!

FAMILY Update:

Watch a short update about our family and even see clips from our girls school presentation about Africa.


Watch a short update on the latest Disciple Makers Training conference and hear TWO amazing and life changing testimonies.

To see the individual testimonies click below:
A Child is Healed
Welcome into My Home for a Cup of Chai

Pastor Stanley:

Watch a short video about why Pastor Stanley chooses to work with our ministry and the value he sees in it.

Praises & Prayers:


  • Join us in thanking God for the 23 Disciple Makers participants who are dedicated to showing people the Love of Jesus in their communities.
  • Join us in thanking God for the new networks of churches in Kenya who are very interested in our ministry and beginning the training programs. One network represents about 150 churches in central Kenya.
  • Join us in thanking God for providing for all of our families needs. We trust and rely on him as we continue walking forward in ministry.

Prayer Requests

  • Join us in praying that God would continue to supply our financial support so we can continue the ministry. We have a few financial partners who have had to discontinue their financial support for personal reasons, so we are praying that God would speak to the hearts of new partners who share our passion for this life changing ministry.
  • Join us in praying for our new participants who are doing their 6-months of Disciple Makers projects, that God would teach them and use them in mighty ways out in their communities. We are excited to share their testimonies with you soon.
  • Join us in praying that our kids would have a good balance with Clinton traveling for ministry and the time we get to spend together as a family. Pray that God would guide all of our scheduling.


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Home Assignment 2016

kenya-map-push-pin-57686274Well, it is hard to grasp the fact that we are already on Home Assignment! As so many of our friends and family have remarked, it seems like yesterday that we were saying our good-bye’s and boarding the plane to Kenya.

Yet, here we are. Roughly 2 years down, so many new relationships and friendships forged and so many incredible testimonies of God’s faithfulness to share. We’ve been back for over a month and a half and it’s been a delight to get to share these with many of our partners already!

Some of our time in the States is going to be spent resting up a bit, spending much-needed time with family, visiting with our beloved partners-who have been so instrumental in making all of these testimonies a reality (!!)– and continuing to share our story with others as the Lord opens doors.

GuideBook coverGod blew the lid off of our expectations in this first term, with all of the additional ministry opportunities for both Clinton and Pahtyana, and directing us to write a book and launch a School of Discipleship! He not only established our footsteps but He faithfully expanded the borders of our territory. We’ve trained further throughout Kenya than we ever expected to in this first term, and have had more opportunities to reach people than imagined. We are praying for the same thing here on Home Assignment. Let us explain…

It is our desire that we not just share and give while we’re “on the field” but even when we’re back, it is our desire to bring back encouragement to those who believed in us, invested in us, and supported us all the way. The testimonies that we carry with us are beacons of Hope and Truth that God’s Word stands, that what we read in the Scriptures, specifically the beauty of the early church in Acts is available to us today! That kind of engagement, that pure community, that investment in each other and the Kingdom…The testimonies we carry with us also bring Hope to those who don’t yet know about the power, the TRUE power of finding Christ –through relationship with others. 

As we continue to raise the support needed to return to Kenya in June and carry on the work, it is our heart to share this Hope with everyone God leads us to. It is our constant prayer that the words they hear will plant seeds of life within their hearts. The Family of God that we find within true discipleship with each other, is meant for each and every one of us. Not just in Kenya. Not just in America. But everywhere. So, it is our heart and passion to make this Truth known wherever we find ourselves.

So. Home Assignment 2016 has officially commenced for the MooreFour. We’ve been so blessed by the welcome we’ve received from everyone here and have loved every second of getting to share about what ALL has happened over the past two years.

Thank you, Lord for all that You’ve done and all that You are in our lives!

Thank you to our wonderful partners who have aligned themselves with what the Lord is doing in and through us and have helped to make this all possible!

Lastly, thank you to our new partners- you are now a part of an incredible team of people from around the world who believe in reaching beyond our own borders to bring Hope, to bring Light, to bring Love, to bring the Family of God to those who like us, are longing for something more!  Welcome! 






July Update – Launching the School of Discipleship and Publishing a New Book, WOW!

Greetings from Kenya.  We are so excited to share our July update with you in a new format.  This month we have three shorter videos for you to enjoy; the first is an update on our family and the ministry, the second is a video about prayers and partners, and lastly we have an amazing testimony from one of the pastors we work with up country.  I know you will enjoy all of these videos and please let us know what you think about our new format.

GuideBook coverClick here to see a sample of the new book Clinton wrote for Kenyan pastors titled: The Guidebook to Transformational Cells – How to Equip and Release the Body of Christ Through Launching Small Discipleship Groups. disciple makers coverClick here to view a sample of the Disciple Makers workbook Clinton created. This gives a glimpse into the six month experience students will have as they experience not only how to become a Disciple but how to be a “Disciple Maker”


  • Pray that we would be able to raise $500 / month in ministry support and $400 / month in personal support or we may have to come back to the U.S. about 5 months early.  Please click here to watch a video to find out more.
  • Pray for Colin & Fey who started the CellKenya ministry in Kenya over 9 years ago.  Colin has had medical complications that have kept him from Kenya since October of last year.  We are praying for breakthrough and healing.


  • One of our partners recently passed away from cancer. Please join us in keeping her family in your prayers.
  • Two of our partners have recently come into hard financial times and may lose their farm. Please join us in covering them in prayer.


If you would like to financially support our family & ministry either monthly or with a one-time gift please click here.

FLOODS, FIRES and FEET – August 2014 Update

– Adjusting to ministry and family schedules and trying to be intentional to set good boundaries to keep our family and selves healthy.
– Adjusting team dynamics as we join our ministry team.
– Clinton injured his shoulder moving sand bags, hoping it is minor and will heal itself, but going to have a doctor look at it this week.

– Elly loves her new school and Jolie is adjusting very well.
– We got a new office for the ministry and are settling into the space very well.

If you have a heart for this ministry and want to learn more
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CLICK HERE: To play with a fun interactive Google Map with pictures and see where we traveled and where ministry took place this month.
CLICK HERE: To see a photo album of this month’s ministry and family moments