We’ve Launched Something Very Exciting…

FAMILY Update:

Watch a short update about our family and see our kids walking with animals.


Hear the update about our trainings and the exciting launch of our new ministry website and online community.

To experience our new ministry website click: www.CellKenya.org

Please leave a short encouragement or comment to let us know what you think.

Praises & Prayers:


  • Join us in thanking God for safe travels to all of our training regions in Kenya.

  • Join us in thanking God for a refreshing time at our annual SIM Spiritual Life Conference.

  • Join us in thanking God for providing us a strong team to be doing ministry with.

Prayer Requests

  • Join us in praying that God would continue to keep our family healthy and safe as we get through the rainy season.

  • Join us in praying for more open doors and Kenyans who are eager to join our training team.

  • Join us in praying for Clinton as he continues to work on a new book about the Values of Living as a Disciple.

  • Join us in praying for Pahtyana as she continues to work on developing some excited writing projects, to be unveiled soon! 
  • Join us in praying for our girls that they would finish the school year well (beginning of June) and adjust to the changes that summer vacation and traveling friends will bring. 

If you would like to join our support team, please send us an email to let us know or you can click here to set up your support directly.

Starting 2017 Very Strong!

FAMILY Update:

Watch a short update about our family and even see clips from our girls school presentation about Africa.


Watch a short update on the latest Disciple Makers Training conference and hear TWO amazing and life changing testimonies.

To see the individual testimonies click below:
A Child is Healed
Welcome into My Home for a Cup of Chai

Pastor Stanley:

Watch a short video about why Pastor Stanley chooses to work with our ministry and the value he sees in it.

Praises & Prayers:


  • Join us in thanking God for the 23 Disciple Makers participants who are dedicated to showing people the Love of Jesus in their communities.
  • Join us in thanking God for the new networks of churches in Kenya who are very interested in our ministry and beginning the training programs. One network represents about 150 churches in central Kenya.
  • Join us in thanking God for providing for all of our families needs. We trust and rely on him as we continue walking forward in ministry.

Prayer Requests

  • Join us in praying that God would continue to supply our financial support so we can continue the ministry. We have a few financial partners who have had to discontinue their financial support for personal reasons, so we are praying that God would speak to the hearts of new partners who share our passion for this life changing ministry.
  • Join us in praying for our new participants who are doing their 6-months of Disciple Makers projects, that God would teach them and use them in mighty ways out in their communities. We are excited to share their testimonies with you soon.
  • Join us in praying that our kids would have a good balance with Clinton traveling for ministry and the time we get to spend together as a family. Pray that God would guide all of our scheduling.


If you would like to join our support team, please send us an email to let us know or you can click here to set up your support directly.

Home Assignment 2016

kenya-map-push-pin-57686274Well, it is hard to grasp the fact that we are already on Home Assignment! As so many of our friends and family have remarked, it seems like yesterday that we were saying our good-bye’s and boarding the plane to Kenya.

Yet, here we are. Roughly 2 years down, so many new relationships and friendships forged and so many incredible testimonies of God’s faithfulness to share. We’ve been back for over a month and a half and it’s been a delight to get to share these with many of our partners already!

Some of our time in the States is going to be spent resting up a bit, spending much-needed time with family, visiting with our beloved partners-who have been so instrumental in making all of these testimonies a reality (!!)– and continuing to share our story with others as the Lord opens doors.

GuideBook coverGod blew the lid off of our expectations in this first term, with all of the additional ministry opportunities for both Clinton and Pahtyana, and directing us to write a book and launch a School of Discipleship! He not only established our footsteps but He faithfully expanded the borders of our territory. We’ve trained further throughout Kenya than we ever expected to in this first term, and have had more opportunities to reach people than imagined. We are praying for the same thing here on Home Assignment. Let us explain…

It is our desire that we not just share and give while we’re “on the field” but even when we’re back, it is our desire to bring back encouragement to those who believed in us, invested in us, and supported us all the way. The testimonies that we carry with us are beacons of Hope and Truth that God’s Word stands, that what we read in the Scriptures, specifically the beauty of the early church in Acts is available to us today! That kind of engagement, that pure community, that investment in each other and the Kingdom…The testimonies we carry with us also bring Hope to those who don’t yet know about the power, the TRUE power of finding Christ –through relationship with others. 

As we continue to raise the support needed to return to Kenya in June and carry on the work, it is our heart to share this Hope with everyone God leads us to. It is our constant prayer that the words they hear will plant seeds of life within their hearts. The Family of God that we find within true discipleship with each other, is meant for each and every one of us. Not just in Kenya. Not just in America. But everywhere. So, it is our heart and passion to make this Truth known wherever we find ourselves.

So. Home Assignment 2016 has officially commenced for the MooreFour. We’ve been so blessed by the welcome we’ve received from everyone here and have loved every second of getting to share about what ALL has happened over the past two years.

Thank you, Lord for all that You’ve done and all that You are in our lives!

Thank you to our wonderful partners who have aligned themselves with what the Lord is doing in and through us and have helped to make this all possible!

Lastly, thank you to our new partners- you are now a part of an incredible team of people from around the world who believe in reaching beyond our own borders to bring Hope, to bring Light, to bring Love, to bring the Family of God to those who like us, are longing for something more!  Welcome! 






May Update: Pahtyana is in the US, what a surprise!!!

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.27.21 AMClick Here: to watch a quick update video!!!

– Pahtyana safe travels back to Kenya on June 8th
– Family will make it without mommy for the next couple of weeks.
– Girls will adjust well to their summer routine.
– Pray for trainings, that God would continue to fan the flame of ministry.
– Pray God would continue to lead the designing and implementation of the 6 month “Disciple Makers” coarse we will prototype in August.

-The video is full of incredible testimonies!
– Colin has had his medical procedure and we are waiting to hear the results so he can join us in Kenya soon.
– David’s mum has had surgery and she is recovering well.  She is still in pain, please keep her in your prayers.
– Praise God several dear partners gave financially to help us replace our engine in our car!  Thank you very much.

– If you have a heart for this ministry and want to l
earn more about partnering and alking alongside us in ministry, please click here to learn more.
– If you would like to financially support our family & ministry either monthly or with a one-time gift please click here:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.25.04 AM
Click Here: to see a beautiful photo album of our family & ministry.

FLOODS, FIRES and FEET – August 2014 Update

– Adjusting to ministry and family schedules and trying to be intentional to set good boundaries to keep our family and selves healthy.
– Adjusting team dynamics as we join our ministry team.
– Clinton injured his shoulder moving sand bags, hoping it is minor and will heal itself, but going to have a doctor look at it this week.

– Elly loves her new school and Jolie is adjusting very well.
– We got a new office for the ministry and are settling into the space very well.

If you have a heart for this ministry and want to learn more
about partnering and walking alongside us in ministry, please click here to learn more about partnering with us!

CLICK HERE: To play with a fun interactive Google Map with pictures and see where we traveled and where ministry took place this month.
CLICK HERE: To see a photo album of this month’s ministry and family moments











July 2014- Gearing up for Ministry!

– Ellyana starts school on August 14th, pray her transition will be smooth
– We officially start ministry in August, please cover us in prayer during this season
– One of our partners has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and we are asking all our partners and friends to join us in praying that the Lord has an amazing testimony and brings peace to this family in this season.

– We are no longer negative in our monthly budget! Our friends at two churches and some wonderful partners have felt led from the Lord to increase their giving to make up the $600 a month shortfall. Also, some individuals were moved to give a bit extra this past month and made up all the shortfall we had since moving to Kenya. Thank you for praying and thank you for being a part of a testimony! Please join us in telling God, “Thank you!”

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 3.35.56 PM

CLICK HERE: To play with a fun interactive Google Map with pictures and see where we traveled and where ministry took place in July.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 3.34.50 PM

CLICK HERE: To see a photo album of July 2014

And the Date We’ve All Been Waiting for Is…

March 3 imageWe are ELATED to announce that we have purchased our passage and will be moving to Nairobi, Kenya on March 3rd!! We have been walking down this road to Kenya for over 2 years and to be this close to the end (and the beginning) is pretty astonishing, truth be told. Along the way we have seen God show up in the most unusual ways and surprise us again and again with His faithful hand on our family. In that time we both have developed a pillar of faith in our hearts that will hold us high as we set out to answer the Call. In these 2 years we have had the rare and sacred privilege to meet with hundreds of people from varying backgrounds, hearing their hearts and catching glimpses of the wonders God is accomplishing in their lives. We are beyond blessed to be partnering with so many of them and are thrilled to be looking the future square in the face with these incredible brothers and sisters in Christ backing us.

Ministry Team in Nairobi
Ministry Team in Nairobi

WHAT WE ARE JOINING IN KENYA: We are tremendously excited to be joining a dynamic and tenacious team who has been in Kenya for the past 7 years bringing this ministry to life and setting it up for a bright future. Here are some of the incredible highlights they’ve recently sent us:

To date there are:

  • Over 3,000 Kenyans have attended leadership trainings
  • Over 300 home discipleship/leadership groups with over 2,500 Kenyans actively engaging in community development and growing deeper in their relationships with Christ
  • Over 10 churches have been planted
What is the impact of this you might ask? 
  • Kenyans building homes for Kenyans
  • Kenyans feeding Kenyans
  • Kenyans equipping and empowering Kenyans, who then will equip and empower Kenyans
  • Kenyans creating community and bringing the love of Jesus into their neighborhoods

Our team has told us they are adding more people and churches to the waiting list consistently and can’t wait for us to join them in March! For a snapshot of the ministry, click here.

Sorting for Kenya
Sorting for Kenya

WHAT WE ARE DOING NOW:  As you might guess we are focusing on logistics and getting our family ready to rebuild a new life halfway around the world full of adventure and incredible ministry. One of the tasks we are still working on is finding our last 10 monthly partners to reach 100% of our monthly goal as we’ll then be able to move. This equates to a remaining $900 a month.

We’ve broken this down into a fun graphic we call the “Yellow Brick Road to Kenya“. (See below). If you know of anyone who is passionate to see God’s people equipped and empowered to reach their communities with the Love of Christ, who might want to “grab a brick” please let us know. If you want to share the “Yellow Brick Road to Kenya” with anyone you can find it by clicking here.

If you want to join our partnership team, please let us know via email which “brick” you’d like to pick up and we will send you all the information you need or you can just click here.

WHAT WE NEED PRAYER FOR:  Here is what we would love for you to surround us in prayer for:

  • 10 more monthly partners so we can spend our time getting ready to move and helping our girls prepare for the transition.
  • Securing some additional large suitcases to pack our belongings in for the plane
  • That the process of transitioning and starting a new life and ministry in Kenya would draw us closer together as a family.
  • That the time we have left in Colorado would be a sweet and rich one with our friends and family. And that the Lord would fully prepare and comfort those in our close circles who will feel our absence (and vice versa).
  • That the Lord would provide some solid time for us as a family to reconnect and have some fun. It’s been an intense season with language school, Clinton working full time, securing partners, the holidays, etc. and we’d love to be able to have a little bit of down time as we close one chapter and gear up for a new one.


  • As mentioned previously we need large suitcases. We’ve been told for a family of four we’ll need about 20 of them total! Yikes!
  • We’ll need to make some final purchases before we head on out. So, if you know of any coupons or discounts at the following stores, we’d love to know about them and save where we can (Pahtyana’s favorite hobby and secret superpower): Kohl’s, Home Depot, The Container Store, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond.

In closing we remain in awe of our God, looking back on His divine provision and presence. We look ahead knowing the immediate work still to be done and keenly anticipating the future that at long last is near.  

In Him,

Clinton, Pahtyana, Ellyana & Enjolie

Yellow Brick Road to Kenya

Click here to “Grab a Brick”!


The Moores & the Ministry… in a Nutshell

NutshellSo, who are the Moores and what is the ministry all about in a nutshell? Here are the highlights and how to get around on our blog.


We have been requested by Kenyan pastors and church leaders to facilitate in leadership development and coaching. This training equips them to establish small groups whose focus is on spiritual development and empowerment through discipleship. A main focus of these groups is to consistently impact the local community tangibly with Christ’s love and welcome people into God’s kingdom through real relationships.


We have been requested by Kenyan church leadership to assist in the creation and resourcing of a national multi-denominational network of likeminded ministries. These ministries all focus on community oriented discipleship and service and are dedicated to building up, equipping and releasing church leaders.


  • Trained over 1,000 people in transformational discipleship ministry to date
  • Churches and ministries have experienced exponential growth and the ability to plant multiple ministries
  • Multiple requests from neighboring countries to receive training and build similar ministry networks
  • Over 300 churches in Kenya alone on a waiting list to receive ministry training and coaching
Moore Four Fall '13
Pahtyana, Ellyana, Enjolie, Clinton


Through our many years in pastoral ministry, we discovered a calling to discipleship. This first began for us as Youth Pastors working with our staff and students and eventually expanded as we helped launch a house church in 2008. The Lord ignited a passion in our hearts for training and discipling His church in it’s varying formats around the world and has given us many opportunities to cultivate our abilities and experience in this area.  In 2011, the Lord called us to international ministry in Kenya, working with the interdenominational missions agency SIM.  In March of 2014, we will move to Nairobi to begin providing leadership development and coaching for Kenyan pastors and church leadership. This training and coaching results in transformational ministries impacting their communities by bringing the love of Jesus Christ in very tangible ways.  We are thrilled to be joining Jesus in the powerful work of building the Kingdom of God and answering the call to, “Go and make disciples of all nations…”


  • Plan to join the SIM Kenya team March 3rd, 2014
  • Need roughly 10 more monthly partners before we can go
  • Click here for a breakdown of what this looks like
  • Click here to partner

Navigating our Blog: Click on the links below for more detailed information.

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April Update from Colin and Fey!

Here and There ~ Part 2

In the last prayer letter we wrote about the challenge of living on two continents; enjoying family and friends ‘here’ in UK, whilst also wanting to be back ‘there’ in Kenya, especially now that the cell ministry continues in the capable hands of David Kimeli. The title of that letter has taken on even more significance for us because of some serious health issues with our daughter, Rachel. Fey felt the need to remain in UK to give the family support at this difficult time and after prayer and discussing the issues we made the difficult decision that it was right for Colin to return to Kenya to undertake the busy training programme we had committed to. So now we are both ‘here and there’ and finding God’s comfort as we are parted for the first time in 50 years for more than two weeks. It’s now been six weeks, and it could be for many more yet. Please pray for us as we struggle to adapt daily to living as singles, and also give thanks for the wonders of e-mail and Skype

There is so much to share that we are putting our prayer requests on this first page and then hope you may find time to read  on the second page some background to those situations and a few of the exciting stories that are happening with the ministry

Prayers for Here (UK):

  • Pray for Fey as she seeks to support Rachel and the family.
  • Pray for improvement in Rachel’s health, for the wisdom of doctors and specialists as they seek to improve her conditions.
  •  Please remember to pray for Rae’s husband Paul, and their children, Zoe, Eli and Ben and their partners as they support Mum and Dad.
  • Pray for Fey as she copes with practical issues needed to maintain our home and for her time spent meeting and helping friends.
  • Pray for wisdom in dealing with the exciting enquiries we are getting from people exploring joining the ministry out in Kenya.

Prayers for There (Kenya):

  • Give thanks for the peaceful outcome to the Kenyan elections, enabling the country to progress, and ministry to continue.
  • Celebrate a successful 2 week  training trip into Uganda and the beginnings of a fruitful partnership with Life Ministries who want to champion cell church ministry in that country.
  • Pray for David and Colin as they undertake a challenging 1,500km trip training at 6 different venues in Western Kenya, from 18th May to 3rd June.
  • Please remember a similar trip planned to Coast in June, and that God may find a way for Fey to come out to join in the work.

Tales from Here and There

Here (UK)

Although there are times of loneliness and an occasional sense of lack of direction, Fey has found many positive things about her time of remaining. She has spent time with her many friends giving extra  pastoral attention to those who need it, and she has shared teaching at the regular Cell Training we have at All Saints. A month or so before we were due to leave for Kenya we discovered some major problems with the two flat roofs we have on our property, and Fey is now site managing a good team of roofing people who are putting on new boards and replacing bitumen felt with a more durable rubberised sheet.
Time spent with Rachel as she attends doctor’s appointments, and just being available at other times is proving important. Rachel and Fey were able to spend a weekend at Sara’s and the three important women in Colin’s life enjoyed hanging out together. Pray for Rae who faces a skin cancer operation this first week of May, and for other medical issues needing resolution.

Fey has also dealt with some early enquiries from SIM about people exploring joining the CellKenya team as missionaries. This is exciting, as it is another part of God’s unfolding plan for creating a big enough team to carry on developing the cell ministry alongside local churches in East Africa, even long after Fey and Colin retire from the field.

There (Kenya):
Colin returned to Kenya at the end of March and joined with millions of Kenyans giving thanks for the peaceful outcome to a contentious election process that gives hope for a stable government team facing the many challenges ahead for the country. He was also back in time to spend four days away with the rest of SIM team at their Spiritual Life Conference where the speaker’s focus was particularly on facing the costs and challenges of being called to mission. (God whispers again!)  The day after SLC, Colin flew to Uganda to explore possibilities for training there. Whilst lifting his case into the taxi in Nairobi, he pulled a muscle in his back and the first week of training and travel in Uganda was accomplished supported by prayer and strong doses of paracetamol! After meeting with partners at Life Ministries, Dixon Oboywa, and Isaac Kagoda, they travelled 300km north of Kampala, crossing the Nile, to Gulu to train pastors amongst the Acholi people. We trained cell principles for 3 days to 23 pastors and leaders from 16 churches, and they really engaged with the ministry. You can see this from the joy on their faces in the ‘graduation’ photo. Colin had to adjust quickly to the culture and found himself eating local foods like buck cooked in peanut sauce, a fish and millet dish called simsim and drinking tea laced with strong ginger. The ladies bringing bowls of water to wash hands before a meal would get down on the floor two or three paces away and approach you on their knees! We returned to Colin and Dickson in KampalaKampala and, after a couple of day’s rest, repeated the process in a large city –centre church. Here over 50 leaders from 17 churches and organisations attended and were equally enthusiastic. A few days later we received an e-mail from the pastor saying, I just want to say thank you and team for the Cell Training Seminar conducted at our Church. It was really good and timely because we have been struggling to becoming a Cell based Church and I believe with all knowledge & skills you have passed on to us, the Church will be transformed to a CELL CHURCH aiming at making more disciples and  reaching communities”. Together with Life Ministries it looks like we have found our cell champions to birth the work in Uganda and we anticipate God doing great things there as churches learn to ‘Grow and Go’.  Please continue to pray for this new initiative.

-Colin & Fey

Hello, 35!

35%One blessing so far this year is that we’ve reached 35% and the momentum is building! The Lord has also been opening up some interesting doors for us to continue sharing our story and building our team.

This coming weekend we will give the message at the Saturday night and Sunday morning services at my (P’s) home church, NorthRock Foursquare Church in Thornton! Pastor Jeremy has been doing a series on what it means to be “All In” in your faith and has asked us to share our testimony of this past year to close out the series. We are honored and excited! We know God has something wonderful planned for this weekend and we can’t wait to be a part of it! If you’d like to come and hear us, the service times are Saturday, 6pm, and Sunday, 9am and 11:oo am. Click here for more information.

Treading Softly

As we’ve been having these meetings, I’ve been consistently reminded of a passage in the devotional, Jesus Calling. It says, “Learn to listen to Me even while you are listening to other people. As they open their souls to your scrutiny, you are on holy ground.” This has spoken to me over the past few months. The idea that people’s souls are holy ground is so stirringly beautiful and is a poignant reminder to always tread softly when welcomed in. It is an absolute privilege to not only get to share our hearts and calling with others but to be privy to theirs. In these times we’ve experienced the sweetness of the Holy Spirit as He unites us and calls us each to something beyond ourselves.