Roofs, Ceilings & Termites – OH MY!!!

September Update

Watch our newest Vlog about returning to Kenya and getting back into ministry.

Praises & Prayers


  • Ellyana turns 10!! We celebrated Elly’s birthday this past weekend with all of her girlfriends from school and had a delightful time. For the full story of the challenging, one-of-a-kind theme she chose for the party, click here.
  • Pastor Doug Visits! Our Senior Pastor from back when we were associate pastors in Boulder stayed with us for three weeks as he and Clinton did ministry throughout Kenya. It was a true joy and blessing to get to spend time with him.
  • Jolie is fully reading now!! We’ve seen some BIG breakthrough in Jolie’s reading since we’ve returned to Kenya. She’s resisted it for quite a while but now she’s progressing very quickly and we couldn’t be more thankful to the Lord for this answered prayer!
  • Ministry for Pahtyana: Pahtyana is now on leadership for the weekly prayer group meeting at the girls school and is loving the ministry happening there. She is also participating in and at times hosting a Bible Study on Preparing to Hear the Voice of the Lord, and is so encouraged to see how the Lord is moving during those times.

Prayer Requests

  • That the Lord would continue to bless and open doors in our relationship with those who work in our community. We’ve begun doing a Bible Study with a dear friend every day. Already we’ve seen some wonderful things happening in her (& us!) Praise God!
  • That God would continue to bless and protect Pahtyana as she continues building her writing ministry. She’s been steadily adding content and building her vision but it can be very challenging at times. Click here to read her latest article which was featured in the online magazine, The Cultivating Project, for which she is an International Corespondent.

Partnering with the MooreFour

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