Starting 2017 Very Strong!

FAMILY Update:

Watch a short update about our family and even see clips from our girls school presentation about Africa.


Watch a short update on the latest Disciple Makers Training conference and hear TWO amazing and life changing testimonies.

To see the individual testimonies click below:
A Child is Healed
Welcome into My Home for a Cup of Chai

Pastor Stanley:

Watch a short video about why Pastor Stanley chooses to work with our ministry and the value he sees in it.

Praises & Prayers:


  • Join us in thanking God for the 23 Disciple Makers participants who are dedicated to showing people the Love of Jesus in their communities.
  • Join us in thanking God for the new networks of churches in Kenya who are very interested in our ministry and beginning the training programs. One network represents about 150 churches in central Kenya.
  • Join us in thanking God for providing for all of our families needs. We trust and rely on him as we continue walking forward in ministry.

Prayer Requests

  • Join us in praying that God would continue to supply our financial support so we can continue the ministry. We have a few financial partners who have had to discontinue their financial support for personal reasons, so we are praying that God would speak to the hearts of new partners who share our passion for this life changing ministry.
  • Join us in praying for our new participants who are doing their 6-months of Disciple Makers projects, that God would teach them and use them in mighty ways out in their communities. We are excited to share their testimonies with you soon.
  • Join us in praying that our kids would have a good balance with Clinton traveling for ministry and the time we get to spend together as a family. Pray that God would guide all of our scheduling.


If you would like to join our support team, please send us an email to let us know or you can click here to set up your support directly.