Bearing the Glory of Love

 Momentous milestones usually call for momentous words of wisdom and insight. Yet at 2am as I involuntarily welcome the advent of one such milestone for my husband and I- our 10-year anniversary, I find my profound wisdom and insight to be uh, shall we say, a bit slow on the uptake. 

I know I should be able to pull something brilliant from the last decade…I mean, come on, with 10+ annoyingly humorous situations involving fire, 9 different (mostly questionable) hair styles, 8 failed attempts at gardening, 7 job changes, 6 cars, 5 epically disastrous culinary episodes, 4 house moves, 3 garage sales, 2 miraculous baby girls, and ONE international move, surely there’d be something. 

But alas, in my sleepless stupor, I find only reflection and gratitude ready and waiting…so, here’s my offering: 
10 years…in truth, no language on earth could ever adequately describe the adventure it’s been- the challenges, the discoveries, the journey. We are increasingly humbled and awed at the terrifying and tremendous privilege it is to be divinely charged with loving one another. Yet standing in the face of His Great Love, we are perpetually made new by it’s working in and through us. This to the glory of Love Himself manifested daily through us who bear His likeness.