Karibu Malaria

Well, it was a very bizarre and long weekend as our family resurfaces this week. In short, Clinton had been feeling unusually sore and tired last week and late Friday night it escalated to major chills and a fever which then suddenly spiked to 103.3. Being that Clinton hasn’t had a fever since infancy I instantly was on the alert. With our SIM doctor on home assignment I wasn’t sure of who to call. But after several calls and texts to neighbors I was able to connect with a couple of our doctors. One of which happened to be staying on the compound but was headed out of the country within the next few hours. So, I gingerly helped Clinton downstairs and she took a look at him.

Fever, chills, intense pain, having gone to Western Kenyan recently = Malaria (most likely). Hearing these words filled me with dread and a level of anxiety I had yet to experience since moving here. Malaria. How can this be, we took anti-Malaria pills? What does that mean? What do we do? Where do we go? All these questions and more were racing through my mind in an instant. But as it turned out that we caught it early and it was recommended that we go to the ER in the morning.

After a few hours at the ER the only thing that was clear from the blood work was that he had a bad viral infection and we were told that Malaria doesn’t always show up right away. So, he was given medicine for that and for Malaria as a precaution and we were sent home. The rest of the weekend was a time to settle in and get comfortable as Clinton needed lots and lots of rest. On Sunday, the other symptoms that hadn’t shown up finally did and it seemed even more certain that he had it.

Now that it’s been several days and the medicines have been working well, Clinton is up and about again, his usual cheerful, ornery self. Thank you, Lord. Looking back, I am filled with gratitude at the community that we’re a part of. There were a few key individuals who stayed right there with us from the get-go and were willing to step in and take us to the ER if needed and care for our girls while we were gone. Others who called around getting us the information we needed and many people who have consistently prayed and checked in with us on his condition. I am also very grateful for the provisions that were in place that made it possible for us to see a doctor and get the medicine that was needed.

So, here we are. Another day, another adventure for the MooreFour!





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