The Great Balancing Act

Here&Now There&Then BalanceLife over the past two years for our family has undoubtedly been the most (seemingly) unsettled and fly-by-the-seat-of-our-collective-pants to date. And for a planner who thrives on vision like me, it has proved to be the most challenging as well. Living a life of constant preparation and daily surrender amidst the constant immediacy and daily demands of life with 2 little ones has created a rather unusual juxtaposition. While I have struggled and struggled to find the perfect balance of fulfilling family life in this reality, I feel I have faltered again and again.

It has proved to be the greatest challenge to on one hand fully invest in the here and now of the reality we’re living while on the other hand, fully invest in the there and then of the Call we’re pursuing. How do we show up for today with all of it’s temporal demands and still find the time to meet the demands needed to move us forward? How do we answer the Call given for each day, and still find room to answer the Call of the future? Do you know? How do we still invest in the lives of those we have and do love here while still investing in the hope and dream of the lives we will love there? These are the questions I have battled to find the balance to for two years.

For reasons unknown to me, I seem to have been born with a mind and heart that can only be in one place at a time. Yet, in this transitional phase of preparing for the mission field, a phase that has been extended beyond our understanding, I have had to come to terms with the reality that to accept the Lord’s call to missional life, means to accept a particular reality. The Moore Family is one who will perpetually belong in various worlds here and there, loving and investing in the people who live within all of them. We will be a family who continually invest in the now and continually invest in the then to come. As I type this, I’m realizing that this is the essence of life with Christ. To be citizens of two worlds, living fully in the world we have always known, while also living fully in the world we’re destined for, ever preparing for its fruition.

As I have grappled with what this means in a daily context, what I have come to understand about this unique Call, is that really the Call always remains the same whether it be, the Call of today or the Call of tomorrow. So, what is the Call? It is always simply to do at the Father says. What He calls us to do each and every day are the steps needed to answer the Call of tomorrow. To answer the Call of the There&Then cannot be done without answering the Call of the Here&Now. It is the Here&Now that prepares and brings us eventually into the There&Then. Upon our arrival, we realize the There&Then never really existed at all. What exists is always the Here&Now. This is the space we control, where any movement or impact must take place. This is the space where He does His greatest work within us and out of that work impacts the world for His glory. It is in this space that we will always remain.

So the supposed and highly sought after balance of the Here&Now and There&Then, isn’t in the end balance that we’re looking for, but rather a change in perspective. It is no longer looking ahead but only looking up. And really, that’s the most logical place to look isn’t it, because after all that’s the direction we’re headed.


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