Happy Halloween, 2013!

The MooreFour We recently took a break from our regularly scheduled crazy life of field prep, to stop and enter the world of make-believe with our girls for Halloween. We pulled together their costumes of choice and with a little magic, glue and curling irons transformed them into one Princess Sofia and one Minnie Mouse!

We set forth into the fading daylight, Halloween baskets in hand, to embark on a night of memory-making! It was a typical Colorado Halloween night with the chilly temperatures and the bitter wind picking up just in time for Trick-or-Treating. Our girls were giddy with excitement at the thought of joining their friends for hot cider and pigs in a blanket before they ventured out.

We arrived just in time to admire costumes, snack a bit, gather our mugs of cider, and then head on out!  From house to house the kids ran, gathering sweet morsels along the way. As the evening wore on, the parents asked us more than once how much candy our oldest had had already. We Looking over the lootreplied, “None, if you can believe it! She just loves people.” It was true, our oldest was beside herself to be all dressed up as a princess with her friends and little sister and running around the neighborhood collecting candy from benevolent neighbors! What other felicity is there, really?? ;o)

The night wrapped up with the girls dumping out their “loot” on the play table and getting to sample a few pieces before their bedtime story, squealing with delight each time. It had been a Halloween night to remember- the sweetest one yet and the best way to wrap up our Halloweens in Colorado.

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