The Final 15!!

At the beginning of November we sent out an update on our family’s journey to get to Kenya. At the time we were at 63% and needed approximately 28 more partners to reach our goal of 100%, which then allows us to move forward and make travels plans. The responses to that email over the past few weeks have been downright amazing!!

We’ve been on this journey to join the team there equipping pastors and ministry leaders in discipleship for two years.  So, we are very excited to share that our current update as of today is  that we’ve reached 8383% of our monthly goal!! This means that we now only need (roughly) 15 partners by December 10th to begin making travel plans for January!!

We lastly wanted to share the INCREDIBLE news that we have 392 people who have joined our team to walk with us specifically providing prayer support! This is huge as we can do nothing without prayer! Thank you to all who are partnering in holding us up!

Please join us in praising Jesus for His faithfulness on this journey to see us through and bring such a powerful team together! Please also join us in asking Him to bring the final 15  soon!

  • For a snapshot of what exactly it is that we’re moving to Kenya to do and why we’re needed, click here.
  • Click here to become one of the final 15 and send us on our way!

Thank you for sharing in our joy and excitement at what has been happening and what is still yet to come!


The Moores & the Ministry… in a Nutshell

NutshellSo, who are the Moores and what is the ministry all about in a nutshell? Here are the highlights and how to get around on our blog.


We have been requested by Kenyan pastors and church leaders to facilitate in leadership development and coaching. This training equips them to establish small groups whose focus is on spiritual development and empowerment through discipleship. A main focus of these groups is to consistently impact the local community tangibly with Christ’s love and welcome people into God’s kingdom through real relationships.


We have been requested by Kenyan church leadership to assist in the creation and resourcing of a national multi-denominational network of likeminded ministries. These ministries all focus on community oriented discipleship and service and are dedicated to building up, equipping and releasing church leaders.


  • Trained over 1,000 people in transformational discipleship ministry to date
  • Churches and ministries have experienced exponential growth and the ability to plant multiple ministries
  • Multiple requests from neighboring countries to receive training and build similar ministry networks
  • Over 300 churches in Kenya alone on a waiting list to receive ministry training and coaching
Moore Four Fall '13
Pahtyana, Ellyana, Enjolie, Clinton


Through our many years in pastoral ministry, we discovered a calling to discipleship. This first began for us as Youth Pastors working with our staff and students and eventually expanded as we helped launch a house church in 2008. The Lord ignited a passion in our hearts for training and discipling His church in it’s varying formats around the world and has given us many opportunities to cultivate our abilities and experience in this area.  In 2011, the Lord called us to international ministry in Kenya, working with the interdenominational missions agency SIM.  In March of 2014, we will move to Nairobi to begin providing leadership development and coaching for Kenyan pastors and church leadership. This training and coaching results in transformational ministries impacting their communities by bringing the love of Jesus Christ in very tangible ways.  We are thrilled to be joining Jesus in the powerful work of building the Kingdom of God and answering the call to, “Go and make disciples of all nations…”


  • Plan to join the SIM Kenya team March 3rd, 2014
  • Need roughly 10 more monthly partners before we can go
  • Click here for a breakdown of what this looks like
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Never Late for a Divine Appointment- Part III

Connecting Around the WorldLooking back over the past couple of years of the journey towards Kenya that we’ve been on, it’s amazing to see God’s hand in it all, evidenced greatly in the timing of the divine appointments we’ve had. In our quest to share the testimony of all God is accomplishing in Kenya and the role He has called our family to play, we’ve had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of people. For each of those appointments, we’ve seen the Lord accomplish various purposes. Some of which were evident immediately, some of which were not. As we’ve leaned further and further into the Lord as the season has worn on, we’ve become less and less concerned with the immediate evidence of purpose for each meeting and learned to rely more and more on trusting the Lord in His unfolding plans. Hard at first to do, but over time easier to live out.

One of the greatest examples of this has been in the divine appointments we’ve found ourselves a part of over the past couple of months. The Lord has shown His faithfulness to us in a series of meetings beginning in May connecting us to a network of house churches throughout Colorado. Interestingly enough, it’s a network we’ve felt called to connect with for over a year and have tried to twice before, with no further open doors. In frustration and disappointment, we thought the Lord was directing us elsewhere. But then in May, the door opened again and we walked through it out of sheer obedience with no hope of anything coming from it. However, the Lord had been at work all along in the background preparing the way. As one meeting led to introductions that led to other meetings and introductions, we found ourselves meeting a gentleman named,  John White and praying about an invitation to attend an international conference for an organization called Luke 10 that was set to take place in 4 days time. We had babysitters, cleared schedules and cost to address and within 2 days all had seamlessly been taken care of! We knew God was up to something big.

So we ventured up the mountain brimming with excitement and curiosity at what our big God was doing, all the while having learned from times past to leaveLK10 International Fall 2013 Conference defined expectations at the door to make room for the unexpected. What we found was a weekend full of divine appointment after divine appointment. We unearthed a hidden gem in this wonderful organization and discovered God had been speaking and moving here in much the same way He has been speaking and moving in Kenya! As we leaned into this further, we also discovered not only a family here, but a deeper call for us in ministry. A call to a unique partnership!

This partnership began to unfold as the weekend continued on. We found first, common ground within the LK10 community and second, a united desire to see these life-changing principles take flight around the world. It is our belief at this time, that part of our call is to help bridge our ministry in Kenya with the LK10 ministry here in the States!

In addition to this discovery, we also became acquainted that weekend with an organization called House2House, which is a national network aimed to resource and connect churches of a simple/more organic focus. We met it’s director, Ken Eastburn and found ourselves immediately a part of a divine appointment! As we both shared a unique, God-given vision to see mission trips between house churches around the world, we felt the Lord moving us to partnership. Though at this point, we don’t know the details of what that looks like, we are moving forward one step at a time, as the Lord provides direction.

We are thrilled to be exploring what God intends with this connection and are excited to be featured in House2House’s monthly magazine and e-letter this month!! Click here to listen to our interview with Ken! Click here to read the e-letter! Our prayer is that the Lord would use this newly forged partnership to continue bringing to fruition the many unfolding purposes He has for our family and the ministry!

Happy Halloween, 2013!

The MooreFour We recently took a break from our regularly scheduled crazy life of field prep, to stop and enter the world of make-believe with our girls for Halloween. We pulled together their costumes of choice and with a little magic, glue and curling irons transformed them into one Princess Sofia and one Minnie Mouse!

We set forth into the fading daylight, Halloween baskets in hand, to embark on a night of memory-making! It was a typical Colorado Halloween night with the chilly temperatures and the bitter wind picking up just in time for Trick-or-Treating. Our girls were giddy with excitement at the thought of joining their friends for hot cider and pigs in a blanket before they ventured out.

We arrived just in time to admire costumes, snack a bit, gather our mugs of cider, and then head on out!  From house to house the kids ran, gathering sweet morsels along the way. As the evening wore on, the parents asked us more than once how much candy our oldest had had already. We Looking over the lootreplied, “None, if you can believe it! She just loves people.” It was true, our oldest was beside herself to be all dressed up as a princess with her friends and little sister and running around the neighborhood collecting candy from benevolent neighbors! What other felicity is there, really?? ;o)

The night wrapped up with the girls dumping out their “loot” on the play table and getting to sample a few pieces before their bedtime story, squealing with delight each time. It had been a Halloween night to remember- the sweetest one yet and the best way to wrap up our Halloweens in Colorado.

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The Great Balancing Act

Here&Now There&Then BalanceLife over the past two years for our family has undoubtedly been the most (seemingly) unsettled and fly-by-the-seat-of-our-collective-pants to date. And for a planner who thrives on vision like me, it has proved to be the most challenging as well. Living a life of constant preparation and daily surrender amidst the constant immediacy and daily demands of life with 2 little ones has created a rather unusual juxtaposition. While I have struggled and struggled to find the perfect balance of fulfilling family life in this reality, I feel I have faltered again and again.

It has proved to be the greatest challenge to on one hand fully invest in the here and now of the reality we’re living while on the other hand, fully invest in the there and then of the Call we’re pursuing. How do we show up for today with all of it’s temporal demands and still find the time to meet the demands needed to move us forward? How do we answer the Call given for each day, and still find room to answer the Call of the future? Do you know? How do we still invest in the lives of those we have and do love here while still investing in the hope and dream of the lives we will love there? These are the questions I have battled to find the balance to for two years.

For reasons unknown to me, I seem to have been born with a mind and heart that can only be in one place at a time. Yet, in this transitional phase of preparing for the mission field, a phase that has been extended beyond our understanding, I have had to come to terms with the reality that to accept the Lord’s call to missional life, means to accept a particular reality. The Moore Family is one who will perpetually belong in various worlds here and there, loving and investing in the people who live within all of them. We will be a family who continually invest in the now and continually invest in the then to come. As I type this, I’m realizing that this is the essence of life with Christ. To be citizens of two worlds, living fully in the world we have always known, while also living fully in the world we’re destined for, ever preparing for its fruition.

As I have grappled with what this means in a daily context, what I have come to understand about this unique Call, is that really the Call always remains the same whether it be, the Call of today or the Call of tomorrow. So, what is the Call? It is always simply to do at the Father says. What He calls us to do each and every day are the steps needed to answer the Call of tomorrow. To answer the Call of the There&Then cannot be done without answering the Call of the Here&Now. It is the Here&Now that prepares and brings us eventually into the There&Then. Upon our arrival, we realize the There&Then never really existed at all. What exists is always the Here&Now. This is the space we control, where any movement or impact must take place. This is the space where He does His greatest work within us and out of that work impacts the world for His glory. It is in this space that we will always remain.

So the supposed and highly sought after balance of the Here&Now and There&Then, isn’t in the end balance that we’re looking for, but rather a change in perspective. It is no longer looking ahead but only looking up. And really, that’s the most logical place to look isn’t it, because after all that’s the direction we’re headed.