Help Us Spread the Word!

MegaphoneIf you would like to help spread the word about us, here are some great tools for you to download.  Just forward these on to the people you have in mind, and let us know when you do, so we can follow up with you or them (by your permission) in a couple of weeks.  If you would like additional info, email us and we’ll send you what you need!

If you’re wondering what you “should” say in an email, here is a sample you can copy and paste:

Dear __________,

We just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our friends, Clinton & Pahtyana Moore. We are excited to be partnering with them and their ministry in Kenya! They have been requested by Kenyan pastors and church leaders to facilitate a unique and highly effective form of leadership development and coaching. The requested training is in how to establish small groups whose focus is on spiritual development and empowerment through discipleship. A main focus of these groups is to consistently impact the local community with Christ’s love and welcome people into God’s kingdom through relationships.

This ministry has been growing exponentially for the past seven years. By the last count, people from nearly 1,000 churches and organizations throughout Kenya have received Vision training! At least 300 of these churches have gone on to do the full training of community based small group discipleship. However, there are another 30 churches at some stage of training and coaching that have not been able to complete the training series. There is also over 1000 churches who have inquired or had someone attend a training but have not had the opportunity to complete the series. Most of the churches have been put on a waiting list for the rest of the year due to limited ministry personnel resources. Clinton and Pahtyana are preparing to move their family to Nairobi to join the team and continue this amazing work! 

 If you’d like to know more about this impactful ministry and how to help make this training available to the churches and pastors requesting it in Kenya, click on the attached flyer. We’d love to introduce you to this couple and to the ministry!

Thank you for your time. 


Ministry One Sheet

About the Moores 


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