Autumn Family Update!

Summer Update:

Disneyland!We began the summer with an epic first trip to Disneyland! At 4am the morning of departure, Clinton had planned to sneak into the girls room and gently carry them both out to the warmed car. But as he silently nudged the door ajar he was greeted by a little 4 year old who popped up in the pitch black and excitedly declared, “DADDY!! I’m ready, Daddy!!!!! And she remained bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the ENTIRE way there! This was encouraged of course,  by the surprise companions we “discovered” at the airport when we got there: Nana and Papa (Pahtyana’s parents) who then accompanied us on the trip!

It was more of a joy to watch our daughters experience this magical place for the first time than either Clinton or myself expected. It was one surprise after another, one discovery after another and we felt the Lord’s love on us every step of the way. We soaked up the time with my parents and they with us. It was nonstop giggling, squealing, running, passing out for the night and then waking up and doing it all over again. Epic. So, thank you all for your prayers over the trip. It was just what our little ones needed.  And us too. To see the album, click here!Enjolie at 2!

In June, we celebrated Enjolie’s second birthday with what else but a Minnie Mouse themed party! It was a great day filled with lots of friends, yummy snacks and lots of pink polka dots! Click here to see the album!

The summer overall has been an interesting mix of spending time with friends and family, a soaking-up-the-moment-now kind of thing, intense times with the Lord as He is diligently preparing us for the journey and work ahead and being faithful to do what He has called us to do now in finishing up this final season. We have seen Him open some surprising and exciting doors not only for current ministry but also in continuing to build our team! Step by step we reach new milestones and are continually amazed at how much we are growing and getting prepared through this process!

Autumn Update: 

Elly is Ready!The summer officially ended last week with Ellyana beginning Pre-K at a wonderful Christian school not too far from our home! We’re excited for this change and the chance for Ellyana to continue growing and developing. This program and school are a blessing right now for two reasons. First, it’s a Pre-K program geared for preparing students to enter kindergarten and it is our goal to be established in Kenya by the beginning of their school year in January so that Ellyana can officially start kindergarten there. The second reason is that it provides a wonderful, rich environment for her to grow in her new relationship with Jesus. This began the day before Mother’s day when she asked Him into her heart!! So, we are thrilled that in this little season before we go, she will have another place to ask questions and learn! Click here to see the collage we created of all the preparation!Ice Cream, We Scream

The autumn is shaping up to be a very full one with Elly’s school schedule, activities for both girls, building the rest of our team, finalizing all of the details for the move/transition and investing in the ministry and relationships here! Phew, I feel overwhelmed just typing that! But we have learned SO much in this past year on how to be fully present in the here and now while always preparing for the there and then. A lesson I suspect we will greatly need in the years and places to come.


One thought on “Autumn Family Update!

  1. Great newsletter! So exciting to hear that your daughter asked Jesus into her life. Always a reason to celebrate! I’m so happy you guys were able to enjoy disneyland with the girls. Great memories were created I’m sure. Love looking at the pictures. It looks like fun! 😉 Continuing to pray for God’s provision of more partners in your ministry and for strength as you face the many things in the near future. God bless!

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