One Step Forward, Three Feet Down


This spring has been one of intense spiritual, personal and relational growth for both Clinton and I. As we’ve been diligently calling people, having meetings and walking through the doors God opens, we have felt that we move forward one inch at a time in this season. Somewhat like “one step forward, two steps back”, except that we know God is moving us closer and closer to Kenya every day. So, no backwards movement, but instead of leaping forward, it’s one step forward in building our ministry team and 3 ft. down in our spiritual development and growth.

It’s been a time of restoration and rebirth. Restoring relationships from the past and giving them new life that will last for the years and distance to come! It’s been a time of deep spiritual awakening in both of us, much like this spring season has been. As the snow has come and come, shrouding any evidence of new life from our view, we’ve had to cling to the hope that much is taking place beneath the surface. Then at its given time, we will witness a vibrancy and abundance of color and life springing forth, the beauty of God’s creativity and wonder, beholding its splendor all summer long.50 percent

We believe the end of this small season is very near and that we are entering into a fresh season of abundance and breakthrough in building our team. We are excited to share a recent milestone of not just reaching but quickly surpassing 50%!!! We know the remaining amount will prove to be a much swifter process for us than this first half. So much was accomplished in our family and in our walks with the Lord during that important time, that we now stand on that foundation and move with joy forward into the reality of the next season God is preparing for us!!

Join with us in faith and prayer, as we see this come to pass this summer!

As we have done all along, we rejoice in your partnership with us and presence in our lives. We know this journey has been unlike any other and we are so thankful for your friendship and support of all God is doing to get us to the field and all He is preparing even now for when we arrive!


In His Service, 

P, C, E&e


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