April Update from Colin and Fey!

Here and There ~ Part 2

In the last prayer letter we wrote about the challenge of living on two continents; enjoying family and friends ‘here’ in UK, whilst also wanting to be back ‘there’ in Kenya, especially now that the cell ministry continues in the capable hands of David Kimeli. The title of that letter has taken on even more significance for us because of some serious health issues with our daughter, Rachel. Fey felt the need to remain in UK to give the family support at this difficult time and after prayer and discussing the issues we made the difficult decision that it was right for Colin to return to Kenya to undertake the busy training programme we had committed to. So now we are both ‘here and there’ and finding God’s comfort as we are parted for the first time in 50 years for more than two weeks. It’s now been six weeks, and it could be for many more yet. Please pray for us as we struggle to adapt daily to living as singles, and also give thanks for the wonders of e-mail and Skype

There is so much to share that we are putting our prayer requests on this first page and then hope you may find time to read  on the second page some background to those situations and a few of the exciting stories that are happening with the ministry

Prayers for Here (UK):

  • Pray for Fey as she seeks to support Rachel and the family.
  • Pray for improvement in Rachel’s health, for the wisdom of doctors and specialists as they seek to improve her conditions.
  •  Please remember to pray for Rae’s husband Paul, and their children, Zoe, Eli and Ben and their partners as they support Mum and Dad.
  • Pray for Fey as she copes with practical issues needed to maintain our home and for her time spent meeting and helping friends.
  • Pray for wisdom in dealing with the exciting enquiries we are getting from people exploring joining the ministry out in Kenya.

Prayers for There (Kenya):

  • Give thanks for the peaceful outcome to the Kenyan elections, enabling the country to progress, and ministry to continue.
  • Celebrate a successful 2 week  training trip into Uganda and the beginnings of a fruitful partnership with Life Ministries who want to champion cell church ministry in that country.
  • Pray for David and Colin as they undertake a challenging 1,500km trip training at 6 different venues in Western Kenya, from 18th May to 3rd June.
  • Please remember a similar trip planned to Coast in June, and that God may find a way for Fey to come out to join in the work.

Tales from Here and There

Here (UK)

Although there are times of loneliness and an occasional sense of lack of direction, Fey has found many positive things about her time of remaining. She has spent time with her many friends giving extra  pastoral attention to those who need it, and she has shared teaching at the regular Cell Training we have at All Saints. A month or so before we were due to leave for Kenya we discovered some major problems with the two flat roofs we have on our property, and Fey is now site managing a good team of roofing people who are putting on new boards and replacing bitumen felt with a more durable rubberised sheet.
Time spent with Rachel as she attends doctor’s appointments, and just being available at other times is proving important. Rachel and Fey were able to spend a weekend at Sara’s and the three important women in Colin’s life enjoyed hanging out together. Pray for Rae who faces a skin cancer operation this first week of May, and for other medical issues needing resolution.

Fey has also dealt with some early enquiries from SIM about people exploring joining the CellKenya team as missionaries. This is exciting, as it is another part of God’s unfolding plan for creating a big enough team to carry on developing the cell ministry alongside local churches in East Africa, even long after Fey and Colin retire from the field.

There (Kenya):
Colin returned to Kenya at the end of March and joined with millions of Kenyans giving thanks for the peaceful outcome to a contentious election process that gives hope for a stable government team facing the many challenges ahead for the country. He was also back in time to spend four days away with the rest of SIM team at their Spiritual Life Conference where the speaker’s focus was particularly on facing the costs and challenges of being called to mission. (God whispers again!)  The day after SLC, Colin flew to Uganda to explore possibilities for training there. Whilst lifting his case into the taxi in Nairobi, he pulled a muscle in his back and the first week of training and travel in Uganda was accomplished supported by prayer and strong doses of paracetamol! After meeting with partners at Life Ministries, Dixon Oboywa, and Isaac Kagoda, they travelled 300km north of Kampala, crossing the Nile, to Gulu to train pastors amongst the Acholi people. We trained cell principles for 3 days to 23 pastors and leaders from 16 churches, and they really engaged with the ministry. You can see this from the joy on their faces in the ‘graduation’ photo. Colin had to adjust quickly to the culture and found himself eating local foods like buck cooked in peanut sauce, a fish and millet dish called simsim and drinking tea laced with strong ginger. The ladies bringing bowls of water to wash hands before a meal would get down on the floor two or three paces away and approach you on their knees! We returned to Colin and Dickson in KampalaKampala and, after a couple of day’s rest, repeated the process in a large city –centre church. Here over 50 leaders from 17 churches and organisations attended and were equally enthusiastic. A few days later we received an e-mail from the pastor saying, I just want to say thank you and team for the Cell Training Seminar conducted at our Church. It was really good and timely because we have been struggling to becoming a Cell based Church and I believe with all knowledge & skills you have passed on to us, the Church will be transformed to a CELL CHURCH aiming at making more disciples and  reaching communities”. Together with Life Ministries it looks like we have found our cell champions to birth the work in Uganda and we anticipate God doing great things there as churches learn to ‘Grow and Go’.  Please continue to pray for this new initiative.

-Colin & Fey


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