Life at 40(%)…

Cracked PotWell, we continue to be in awe of God as He moves powerfully in our lives! A few weeks ago we gave the message at NorthRock Church in Thornton and to be honest, had no idea what to expect going into it. The two weeks leading up to it were some of the hardest weeks Clinton and I had experienced in this process. In the midst of trying times with tantrums and toddler-ness, we had met with several people that God had brought into our lives and for whatever reason, received no after no after no to partnership. Though we know that’s a part of this process, it’s still hard to go through. Then the final straw came when we had a meeting with someone whose heart, I believe, was meaning to challenge us. However, it came across in a manner that tore us down and greatly discouraged us. For whatever reason we were the recipients of his utter disdain for American missionaries and were put in a position where we had to defend our calling rather than share our calling. Needless to say, we left the meeting feeling pretty dejected and weary.

So, preparing to give our testimony at my home church and come alongside what’s happening there, was something that we approached initially out of a place of weariness. But in the process of that preparation we were reminded of how much God has actually done in our lives and how far He has brought us. So when the time came, we spoke from a place of authenticity and humility. Out of that we have seen the Lord move in very surprising and inspiring ways. We have had the tremendous privilege of meeting with many people now from NorthRock and hearing their testimonies of God’s calling on their lives. We’ve gotten to pray with them and encourage them in their journeys!

In addition to this blessing, God has been moving in these meetings and as we’ve shared our testimony of His amazing presence in our lives, several 40%individuals have felt called to partner with us. As a result, we reached 40% this afternoon!! And the momentum is building! Reaching this milestone today caused me to stop and think for a moment about the path getting here. I know we still have a ways to go, but we both have learned so much that walking this path isn’t as painstaking anymore. I realized some of the profound lessons I’ve gathered and ways in which they have altered me.

This journey has been so challenging for me as it requires literally, that I operate out of some of my greatest weaknesses. Yet, as 2 Corinthians 12:9 says, “His strength is made perfect in our weakness”, and I have seen that come true time and time again in this process. I have seen so many of these areas in my life be brought to the forefront and made perfect in His strength. Truly a profound experience and realization. As we yield to His way and His path for us, He takes these areas of weakness and these areas of pain and wounding, and accomplishes more than we could ever dream of with them.

Life today looks so different than life did this time last year. I walk in a confidence not my own but one that I fully own. I now realize that the weaknesses embedded within me, are only the cracks where His strength flows out from. In operating in my various weaknesses, by His calling and help, not only has His strength been made perfect, but I have come further into who He has called me to be. Not a weak being, but one that surrenders every weakness to receive back a greater strength than I am naturally capable of embodying.

So, at this junction, not quite half way to our goal of 100%, and I see more transformation in myself than I ever dared hope for. I’m sure I can’t even imagine what’s in store for the remaining 60% of this journey to Kenya!





10 thoughts on “Life at 40(%)…

    1. Why, thank you, Melissa! One of the reasons I enjoy reading your writing is that it challenges my own so much! Iron sharpening iron, my friend!

  1. As for the naysayer….what grace you gave him. You guys are really allowing God to use you in so many profound ways. Blessings to your incredible family!

  2. This was our experience too while we were raising partners to come to the DR. We shared with others, they shared with us, we were blessed, they were blessed, sometimes we were criticized (like you say, God can use those hard moments to refine us and to root us firmly in HIs calling on our lives but they don’t feel very good at the time!). After over 2.5 years here in the DR, we still say that the time of the most Spiritual Growth and depth was our time raising partners. It is humbling, encouraging, rewarding, tiring but mostly God Glorifying. Press on!

  3. Wow. Soooo heartfelt and eloquent. What a lovely thing to read first thing. Your writing is developing along with your faith. Love you!!!

    Regina {via phone}

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