Colds, Christmases and more Colds

ImageHappy 2013! Here we are, a month into the newness of the year. I must admit that it’s been hard to put together a newsletter in the past month or two. So many different areas of life seemed to converge through the holidays and we were caught up in the whirlwind. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we each caught the Colorado cold, moved out of our home for a little over a week to make room for house guests, had our traditional 2 Christmas Eves, 2 Christmas’ and took care of everyone around us who also caught the Colorado cold. Oh, and then we caught it, again. So, here we are, healthy(ish) and into the 2013 swing of things. In the midst of all of that though, we found ourselves meeting with people and seeing God move powerfully. We’ve had the wonderful privilege of hearing people’s hearts and getting a glimpse into the things He’s accomplishing in their lives.

E&e Update

Ellyana and Enjolie have been doing very well in the midst of the changes and chaos of the holidays (minus tantrums and time-outs here and there). Elly is thriving in preschool and is the class favorite, according to her teachers. Enjolie is growing by leaps and bounds and has recently become VERY interested in a little Bible we read at night and carts it around looking at all the pictures. The girls’ relationship with each other has also been growing. Enjolie has started calling Elly, “Ana” and “Ana” has taken to picking Jolie up around the waist and hoisting her places when she needs help. So adorable and nerve-wracking… It remains a challenge to prepare for our life to come and stay fully present here still. We know it’s essential for the girls’ well being to help them be present and yet everything within Clinton and I is propelling us forward. But each day, God shows us how and we manage. To see a very special day we recently had, click here.


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