November Praises

Now that we are back and into the swing of things from Kenya, there is so much that we are thankful for. So, we have compiled a list of our praises and would love for you to join us in praising our Lord for all that He has done and is currently doing! 

  • Our trip to Branson, MO. was great! We encountered several divine appointments, reconnected with old ministry friends and got a chance to share our story!
  • Life changing trip to Kenya, amazing open doors for ministry and a clearer picture of what the ministry looks like. 
We have a better sense of what life is going to be like for us and our girls in Nairobi. 
The Lord has connected us with several friends who have all prayerfully decided to partner with us in the past few weeks and we’re finding consistently that the work He’s doing in their lives parallels ours!
  • We have many more meetings scheduled in the coming weeks and people referring us to meet with their family and friends. 
We have had some awesome people willing to watch our girls so we can continue our meetings. 
Ellyana started Pre-school this past week and she loves it!
  • The red car has officially bitten the dust. But not long after that happened, one of our partners and friends donated a car for us to use until we leave! It has been such a blessing!

Please join us in praising God and telling Him thank you for His favor and blessings. Your prayers make a difference.


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