Happily Halloweening

Courtesy of Recherché Photography (c) 2012

Growing up, Halloween was always a sticky subject in my family. My mom wasn’t a fan (for personal reasons) and so I never partook of the festivities. Which was hard at times but I eventually understood and now have a great example of what it means to live out your convictions. There are things now that I feel I have to say “no” to for my girls that are hard but I trust that they will come to understand in time. That being said, as I grew older, married and began a family of my own, I found myself year after year at Halloween time wanting to well, partake and make it what we wanted it to be in our family.  So, for the past couple of years, we’ve done that.

This Halloween was my youngest’s first (as we were traveling last year) and her “big” sister knew EXACTLY what she was going to be! So, with a little help from a big sister, my husband and I found ourselves with two sparkly princesses on our hands, entering into an enchanted night of sweet, Halloween fun! Here are the pictures…enjoy!


P.S. A big thanks to my incredibly talented sister, for doing a quick session for us before we left! xoxo


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