September Update from the Field!

We’ve just received the latest newsletter from Colin and Fey in Nairobi (see below)! God is at work and opening amazing doors!

“We…have seen a number of ‘doors of opportunity’ opening up before us, including our new CellKenya office at SIM. Nairobi Cathedral is expanding the number of cells from the 40 they started, by talking about small groups at every service during September with the aim of launching 200 more groups. We begin to train all the new leaders they will need on the 13 October.

This immediately follows our CellKenya Network Consultation, and we are excited by the growing response from leaders of cell churches across Kenya who plan to attend. This feels like the birth of the network we have always envisioned and prayed for. 

We have just returned from an 8 day, 1200+km training trip to Western Kenya and the North Rift Region with David. 6 training sessions enabled us to envision and teach cell principles to another 267 people that included 64 pastors and 3 Bishops from 69 different churches. The 3 groups we gave cell vision to have now booked us to come back to train them fully next year.

Two interesting sets of stories from that trip stand out amongst the many great experiences we had. The first is from a church near Kakamega where we gave the pastor vision for cells in only April this year and we’d returned to begin to equip the cell group leaders. Over 60 people turned up and we found that they had already begun five cell groups. One cell felt particularly called to reach out to HIV/AIDS sufferers and now had many in their group receiving acceptance, love and support from the other members. A second cell, some distance from the church, grew quickly and planted a new church in their community. Already they have 5 cells effectively ministering to that community. The mother church has also had to enlarge its premises to cope with increased numbers….all this in just six months!

The second story comes from the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Annual Pastors’ Meeting in the Nandi Hills region. We were asked to share vision for cells as part of this gathering. Whereas the two training sessions we had already conducted were exciting and full of fun, this group was so serious and seemed distracted by our presence. We were told the highest ranking minister in their denomination was due to call in briefly and when he arrived could we please stop to give him space. We did so and he spoke forcibly to everyone in Kiswahili, calling five people out by name and making them kneel in front. We were then instructed to join some others and lay hands on them. After a long prayer we returned to our places and asked David what was happening. We found we had just ordained five new pastors!

Please thank God for all these open doors and pray for wisdom that we may continue to discern where He wants us to minister. We leave for 7 days in Uganda next week to look for contacts there.…….. Fey & Colin”


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