Never Late for a Divine Appointment- Part II

ImageDivine appointments never cease to surprise me, really. Even though they’ve been happening more and more lately. Something about moving forward in faith, though it makes no sense and seeing something unexpected come of it. Something that is down to the minute or a ‘chance’ meeting continually brings about an exhilaration to the spirit.

I say this as we are preparing to take a road trip with the girls to Branson, Missouri next week for a conference. A conference that we not only wouldn’t be attending but hadn’t even heard of two months ago.

It was an early Sunday morning and I was wide awake. Not typical for a mother of two little ones. But there I was in the dark of early morning, eyes wide open, and my heart hearing a still, small voice. We were going to church that morning. Now, going to church for us on a Sunday morning was unusual. We had been attending church services on Friday and Saturday nights at other congregations for some time. But this morning, we were going to church at my home church of 10 years. A place I hadn’t been back to in over 6 years.

As I felt the confirmation in my heart I asked my husband, Clinton to confirm it in his. He came back with a yes and something extra. He said, “Yes, we’re supposed to go there this morning, and I heard the word, ‘ENGAGE.'” That’s all we needed and we were off on another adventure with the Lord.

We pulled up to my old church full of curiosity at what the Lord was up to and before we even got to the door, who did we run into but my former pastor! He is the District Pastor now and it turned out he hadn’t been there in 2 months and was only there for that one service. God was moving. That was obvious.

After the service we were talking with the new pastor and getting to know him a bit when my former pastor walked up.  We had the chance to share with them a bit about Kenya and the call on our lives. My former pastor immediately said, “Well, you guys really need to come to the District Conference in October as missionaries. We’d love to pray over you.” It turned out also, that the new pastor is a missionary kid from Chili and as such has a huge heart for missions.

That afternoon we marveled at the Lord and how the morning had gone. We saw doors open for us with the meeting we’d set up with the new pastor and the conference we needed confirmation for. Just then, there was a message on Facebook for us from my former pastor. He had sent us information on the conference. It was called, “Engage”.

So, here we are 5 days from leaving and again full of curiosity at what the Lord will be up to in Branson. Perhaps a few more divine appointments? We can count on it!


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