The Moores’ One-Time Needs

Below is a breakdown of what the target costs are for us to finish preparations for the field, travel costs getting there and then settling costs, so that we can get established to begin ministry. Currently we are at 16% of this goal. 

Preparation ImagePreparing   $12,300

This includes: trainings, vaccinations, passports, visas, language study (MTI), language school (Kenya), training courses, passport for Enjolie.

Moving ImageMoving   $15,784

This includes: passage/transport to Kenya, 1st month’s support.

Settling ImageSettling   $37,000

This includes: what we will need to set up a home in Kenya, such as: furniture, appliances, ministry vehicle, ministry computer & tech equipment, etc.


If you would like to contribute to our one-time needs, please click here



2 thoughts on “The Moores’ One-Time Needs

  1. It would be helpful to have an introductory paragraph about what you are being called, and then a breakdown of what you have already done, what has already been given, and then adding this elements of what is yet to be done. It would also be good to have a statement explaining – maybe even with a screen shot of the SIM donate page the difference between the two pots people can give into. That gives everyone more a framework to get attached to and then invest in.:-)

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