The Moores’ Monthly Support Needs

Here’s a description of what our monthly support needs include and how they breakdown percentage-wise…

SALARY  Covers living expenses. This includes education costs for the girls, food, clothing (as needed), household items, utilities, cell phone, deductibles, gifts, vacation, and most importantly-giving.

INSURANCE  This covers our family’s medical insurance. It also includes emergency evacuation insurance for natural disasters, political unrest and getting somewhere with better medical care.

TRAVEL  Each month we save some money so that it will accumulate and be used for travel between the US and Africa for home assignment.

TAXES   Selling everything we own and moving to another country, check. Spending our lives following the Lord and investing in His kingdom, check. Still having the wonderful “opportunity” to pay taxes, priceless.

HOUSING  This will cover the rent for our apartment whether overseas or on home assignment in the US.

SUPPORT SERVICES  We pay a portion of our support to the SIM mission offices in the US and on the field to support their operation which serves to support our ministries in Kenya.

MINISTRY  These are funds used for ministry related expenses, such as printed materials for Cell Trainings, prayer letter expenses, equipment supply and maintenance, etc.

RETIREMENT  SIM is helping us to plan for the future by putting a portion of our support into a retirement account.

We are currently at 16% of this goal. If you would like to contribute to this, please click here.

Moore Family Budget Pie Chart
Moore Family Budget Percentages

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