Thine Strength is Hope

It is a scary place to be standing at the crossroads between Hope and Resignation. On one hand, if you choose Hope, you choose possible disappointment, and on the other hand, if you choose Resignation, you choose a form of death. The former risky and seemingly naive if not outright foolish. The latter logical and seemingly powerful and strong.

Yet the irony lies in one simple truth: Hope in and of itself knows nothing of weakness, frailty, betrayal, failure. It’s very nature springs again and again with no innate end. It only ends in our lives when we ourselves choose it. But it itself cannot end. It’s strength is made of that which is eternal.

Resignation however, is the coming to the end of something. It in and of itself is the absence of strength. Because it doesn’t take much strength to cease the movement of something. The greater strength then is to hope. Hope in what began. Hope in what is and is to come and hope in what has always been. Above all, beyond all, despite all, Hope.