Discipline Simplified

In starting a new year I invariably look back at the old one and evaluate while looking at the new one with sparkly-colored glasses. Hope springs eternal each new years with the prospect of a clean slate and 365 days at my disposal. But this year what initially stood out to me most in my evaluation was discipline and my repeated choices that led to its frequent absence.

As I thought about the act/art of discipline this morning I realized that it’s really quite simple.

The art of discipline is simply: choice then will, repeat.

Discipline in and of itself is not complex or grand. What results from discipline becomes complex and grand over time as discipline continues, because it builds off of itself. This is evident when getting an education, building a business or raising a human being.

Somehow with adding a new member to our family, and working towards leaving for the field I made it too complex. So, new year, new slate: discipline-simple, results-we’ll see.

Happy 2012!


3 thoughts on “Discipline Simplified

  1. make a choice, repeat. one step in front of the next. minute by minute. day by day. that’s how canyons are carved out. thank you for reminding me that it doesn’t have to be a daunting venture of perfectionism. i love you.

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