Answer the Door, it’s Your Answer to Prayer

It’s amazing how often we need to learn the same lessons over and over but even more amazing how the Lord always finds new ways of teaching them to us. Last week I was preparing for a baby shower in honor of one of my best friends who’s having twins. I was quite busy prepping the scrapbook, organizing the details, and of course gearing up to prep the favors. Now I had spent a long time searching for just the right favors, which is hard to do when it’s boy and girl twins, I have to say. But I managed to find the best favors! The shower was going to be at a tea house and they were tea pot tea infusers that said “Tea for Two”. Um, sooo cute!! I was so excited! I ordered them in what I thought was enough time but then it was the week of the shower and I hadn’t received an email about when they were coming. There were some things that still needed to be done and couldn’t until I had the favors. So, I began to think more and more about it. The thinking turned to mild obsessing which turned into panic. Wednesday came and still no email. So, I called and after I’d been transferred umpteen times I was told that the manufacturers were supposed to have shipped them the day before (which still wouldn’t have gotten them there in time) but that it appeared the order never went through. So, I was basically left with no choice but to cancel the order and just do something different for favors.

Now, in the whole scheme of things it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I mean they were just favors and half the time people forget to take them anyway. But they really mattered to me. This is one of my best friends. She and her husband have been trying for a baby for 6 years and now miraculously they’re pregnant with twins and I had the honor of helping to throw a shower  for her. By golly, it needed to be amazing!!

So, in the midst of these panicked thoughts, I just stopped and prayed, “Lord God, please, please, please, get these favors here on time. Somehow!” Ding Dong! I didn’t really want to get the door right then. I wanted to try and fix this but I answered the door and it was my neighbor coming by for a visit. She came in holding a box and said, “Here this was sitting on your steps”. I took one look at the return address and said, “No way.” I peeled the tape back and sure enough saw 12 neatly packaged tea infusers sitting there smiling at me.

So, even though I’ve learned to trust the Lord from the get-go on things, it really is so easy to get swept up in the worrying and forget to let go and let God. If you become engulfed in trying to make something happen in your own power you’ll miss the fact that you might just need to answer the door to get your answer to prayer!


“…your heavenly Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” – Matthew 6:8


Being the Answer

The other night I was sitting in my daughter’s room feeding her & praying over the day to come. It was going to be an important day. The couple we will be joining in Kenya were coming to stay with us for two weeks. As I prayed the usual- safe travels, great fellowship, etc. I found myself thinking about the fact that they had been praying for people to join the ministry for the past 3 and a 1/2 years. The same exact time Clinton and I had been learning & growing in a non-traditional church format which gave us direct experience that we will carry into the ministry. As I thought about that I found a prayer welling up inside my heart that emerged as this: “Thank you for making me an answer to prayer.” What an interesting prayer I thought. Could be presumptuous. But it wasn’t.

No, it was a simple, humble recognition of my place in the realm of His divine purpose and the acknowledgement of my yielding to it. When we say to the Lord, “I surrender to You, to Your purpose”, we are inherently agreeing to not only do things for Him but also to be something He uses for others.

Like a string that gets laid down to show the condition of an edge, being an answer to prayer can show us how aligned with God’s purpose we are.

Discipline Simplified

In starting a new year I invariably look back at the old one and evaluate while looking at the new one with sparkly-colored glasses. Hope springs eternal each new years with the prospect of a clean slate and 365 days at my disposal. But this year what initially stood out to me most in my evaluation was discipline and my repeated choices that led to its frequent absence.

As I thought about the act/art of discipline this morning I realized that it’s really quite simple.

The art of discipline is simply: choice then will, repeat.

Discipline in and of itself is not complex or grand. What results from discipline becomes complex and grand over time as discipline continues, because it builds off of itself. This is evident when getting an education, building a business or raising a human being.

Somehow with adding a new member to our family, and working towards leaving for the field I made it too complex. So, new year, new slate: discipline-simple, results-we’ll see.

Happy 2012!