Never Late for a Divine Appointment

It was a cold Colorado afternoon as we rolled our way down the terminal to catch our flight. One toddler, one baby, 4 carry-on’s, one stroller, one car seat, 2 wide-eyed parents and lunch. We were excitedly on our way to our mission agency’s 2-week training with high expectations and yet not knowing what to expect at the same time. As I plopped our circus down by the window, I thought of all that the Lord must have in store for us in North Carolina, if we could just get there. I knew my loving heavenly Father had called us to this life of missions and would be there waiting as we took our first steps towards it.

Ellyana and I finished our lunch together and watched the planes take off. Just then a man sat right next to her. I thought this a little strange since we were on the back side of the seating area and there were other seats available. But he looked unassuming enough so my Mom flag lowered itself and went back into hibernate mode. Cue Enjolie crying. As I settled her back down & tended to Elly, the man smiled and said, “Got your hands full, huh?” I smiled in return and said, “Yep, always.” Unbeknownst to me, a door was cracked open. For the next 45 mins while we waited for our respective flights, this man, who was a local pastor flying to Europe to plant churches, shared words of encouragement and insight into the world of missions. My spirit felt greatly lifted and I realized that my heavenly Father wasn’t about to wait until North Carolina to let us know He was right there.

He had lovingly scheduled this divine appointment for me, knowing exactly what I needed. And even though it wasn’t on my agenda, He made sure I wasn’t late for it.

5 thoughts on “Never Late for a Divine Appointment

  1. I stumbled upon your blog and loved the title, and the content, of this post. Glad you were encouraged at what seemed like a time to just hunker down and get through the chaos of an airport. Thanks

  2. Incredible story and answer to prayer for strength & endurance during your trip. Still amazes me how & who God chooses to use to strengthen us, especially when we are on His mission.

  3. Love this. You are such a wonderful writer. I love the peek inside your mind, heart and family. I am going to be hanging on every word when you are in Africa.

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