The Other Side of Worship

At the beginning of the summer we were driving back from a Friday night Fusion meeting, where we had been introduced to Jesus Culture. We had watched (online) as this group of believers from Redding California led worship the way Clinton & I have longed to collectively worship for years. A big gathering with lights & roaming cameras, yet completely void of the pretense & hype of the modern day mega church worship “show”. The worship leader, Kim Walker-Smith, never made eye contact with the audience when she sang, only when she spoke directly to them, as if to say, “I’m here freely worshiping my God. You’re welcome to worship Him too or not. That’s up to you.” Pure authenticity. As we listened to the words of each song, I felt the whisperings of my heart echo through the lyrics. These believers had nailed it. It was quite the experience.

So naturally, as soon as we left, we bought the CD. Driving home, we listened to the words again, each lost in our own musings. My mind wandered to thoughts of God as we praise Him and I wondered what it looks like on the other side of worship. What does He do when we lift Him up? Does He sit on His giant throne, looking regal and omnipotent? Does He smile with pleasure at us doing what we were created to do? Is He stone-faced? How does He respond? This is what I asked Him as we drove and listened, our hearts over pouring with worship and awe. I waited, leaving my heart open and quiet.

Then the first flash came. Then another. And another. One right after the next. Then one on top of the next. The sky began to explode with frayed whips of sheer electricity! No longer a typical thunder storm but an actual lightning storm in all it’s frightening and unfettered glory! My heart remained quiet as I probed the Lord again watching this. Then it came to me. This was His answer. This is His response to our worship. He is not stone-faced, He is not glued to His chair. He is ever moving, displaying in full force, His glory, His ability. Worship is not one sided as I had always believed. Worship is an exchange, between the creation and the Creator. As we move before Him, He moves before us.

“Show Me Your Glory”
Jesus Culture

I see the cloud, I step in
I want to see Your glory as Moses did
Flashes of light and rolls of thunder

But I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid

Show me Your glory, show me Your glory, my God
Show me Your glory, show me Your glory

I’m marked by Your beauty, lost in Your eyes
I long to walk in Your presence like Jesus did
Your glory surrounds and I am overwhelmed

But I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid

Show me Your glory, show me Your glory, my God
Show me Your glory, show me Your glory

I long to look on the face of the One that I love
Long to stay in Your presence, it’s where I belong

Oh how we love You, Oh how we love You
Oh how we love You Jesus


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