Fusion Strikes Again

This morning while attending Fusion in Greeley I (Clinton) received my first word of knowledge for healing. As Pastor Doug was speaking healing over the room and calling out words of healing for different afflictions he asked if we had received anything. I didn’t even know we we’re supposed to be listening for anything, so I started tuning in. Just asking the Lord if he wanted to share anything with me. Instantly I felt him describe a heaviness of the chest.

I didn’t have a chance to relay this to Doug and it wasn’t until the service had ended and some were cleaning up that I told Doug I thought I received my first word of knowledge for healing. As soon as I told him what I thought I heard, he turned to the room of people cleaning up their things, breaking down the stage and walking out the door and yelled, does anyone feel a heaviness in the chest, Clinton has a word for you and wants to pray for you.

There was a young lady, already walking towards us, who instantly responded, “It’s me, I do.” We had the the wonderful honor of praying healing and the love of the Lord into this wonderful person. Just another adventure in a day of the Lord.


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