To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the Question

Hello World!

As we continue to prepare for our assignment, I felt it necessary to start a blog about the process. In all honesty, I’m completely new to the blogging world, never having done one and only rarely read them. But they seem to be right up my ally, or so everyone keeps telling me. So, here it goes!

My hope is that in the future, this’ll be the portal into our world across the world, so to speak, for all those who love and support us. I also want this to be a platform, where we can express all that is going on in our minds, so that our life makes a bit more sense to those paying attention to it. ;o)

Really, this blog is in essence, an extension of who we are, what we’re about and what we are endeavoring to do. So, it is for all intents and purposes, ONE-BIG-ADVENTURE!


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